Tipping Point – Celtic seek answers from SFA over VAR shambles

Celtic to seek answers from SFA over VAR in aftermath of Jota disallowed goal…

At the Celtic AGM, we were all told that Celtic were dealing with matters ‘internally’ regarding the officiating in Scottish football. The decisions that have gone against our club have been quite shocking for some time now (just around 130 years or so!) and nobody from the SFA ever answers for this.

Last night during our meeting with Motherwell, there were two really awful decisions made by the referee and VAR that ought to have been reviewed more thoroughly. The Carl Starfelt challenge in which the ‘Well player could have severely damaged the Swedish international and his future career prospects was horrific for sure.

Added to this though, was the offside given by the linesman and then confirmed by VAR. The pictures from the game that appeared on Motherwell PPV service were from behind the play and showed a rather sketchy line for offside in the replay. Everyone apart from the officials seemed bemused and it’s no wonder.

Now it has been reported by Scottish Sun that the Hoops heirarchy are seeking answers to their concerns from the SFA in light of this latest VAR ‘mistake’. It states that the suits at Celtic Park want clarification over why the lines where not shown from a better angle for Jota’s magnificent goal that was taken away from him by a majorly tight call.

The piece also reveals that the club will be writing a letter in the coming days looking for a good reason as to why this was the case. VAR has already thrown up dubious shouts that have gone totally against Ange Postecoglou and his team lately, with some real baffling ones in there. It would seem that Michael Nicholson and co. have indeed reached tipping point and may just be as concerned as the supporters now.

Paul Gillespie



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  1. Bring in the lawyers! This is the only way to deal with suspected criminality.
    The Lanarkshire cabal of officials and the SFA are not telling the truth and are cheating us on a weekly basis.
    There are too many of these “honest mistakes” for it to be coincidental. There is an agenda here.
    We have a plethora of video and camera evidence of incidents (over a lengthy period) to bring into play to support an action. There is also an abnormal amount of evidence collected since VAR was implemented, which clearly has made a normally placid Celtic Board sit up and take notice. Enough is enough!
    This is nothing to do with the broadcasters or with PPV TV.
    This is a matter for VAR and the people who operate it, who are either thoroughly incompetent or hiding the truth to suit their own agenda. No matter which, they are totally unsuitable for the job.
    They and the SFA need cleared out and replaced with honest people who can behave professionally.
    The evidence is all there and just needs brought to the fore.
    Fergus made them move fast enough when he targeted them with court action.

  2. We MUST get this sorted out before we head to Sevco.Guaranteed we will not be allowed to leave with anything.It is terrible and will only get worse.Call it out NOW..This. Is another tool in their armoury and they have and WILL use it against us..Cmon Celtic SHOUT it loud like SHOUT It all around like.💚⭐🍀This is serious.💯✅