“Tommy” – A Tribute To A Celtic Man

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We lost a Celtic legend 10 years ago today. Here are some words that I have wrote to remember him. 

Soho Street was your road to Paradise

But it was already in your DNA

Being Calton born and bred

Your passion, your faith, your dream

Your destiny – that didn’t have long to wait

Jock shouted at you to get off the pitch

Pristine for a European night

Under the lights  

Your shots rasped into the perfect net

Tightly pegged

Thoughts of turning then taking the acclaim of The Jungle in full voice

Were soon to be reality

Your flamed hair was the fuse and a lions mane

Guile delivered with a smile

Football delivered with intelligence

A left foot that was a wand, casting spells  the Celtic way

You knew how our blood flowed

The inner workings of our beating hearts

Victories were celebrated like us rejoicing in the stands

You delivered Celtic into your charges

Taught Celtic to those who weren’t born into the cause

They knew what it meant to pull on that jersey

They knew they weren’t just playing for a football team

They knew because of you.


A supporter that got lucky?

No we are the lucky ones anytime one of our own step onto the Celtic Park pitch

That’s because of you.


We are the lucky ones that we shared and lived Tommy’s dream.

We are there and always there because he is here and always will be here.

We were blessed by Tommy.


He twisted, he turned, we all love Tommy Burns.     

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