“Too laboured, too predictable, and lacking in imagination,” David Potter

Well, we could have done with this game NOT being played after all, couldn’t we? It was a dreadful match played in dreadful conditions and you just had to feel sorry for the poor fans who had to watch that in that boring and rather uninteresting stadium.

Frankly, although you can never rule anything out, I never felt that Celtic were going to get the breakthrough. Too laboured, too predictable, and lacking in imagination. One has to give St Mirren a little credit for defending so well, and let’s hope they can do the same on Sunday against (the)Rangers.

It is all the more disappointing for two reasons. One was that we were, rightly, on a high after Sunday’s great triumph, and the other was that we have been here before. I had feelings of deja-vu for I had seen that against Livngston and (to a lesser extent) Dundee United at Parkhead this season, and frankly, we are now at the stage that if we cannot break down a packed defence, we will, quite simply, not win the League.

We still have time on our side, but it is slipping away. We really have to beat St Johnstone in front of 500 Perth people on Boxing Day, or else we must watch the League slipping away.

 Dean Lyness of St Mirren at full stretch

So how do we do it? Well, certainly not by the methods we employed tonight. We needed our oriental talisman (who should have had the last 30 minutes, I feel) and the finger must be pointed at Johnston and Abada in particular for their shortcomings tonight. They really have to be better than they were. Chances were there, but they were not taken, and there is no point in saying things like “St.Mirren are ruining football”.

No, we have to make them see that they are ruining football by scoring against them! We really have to do the unusual things, and we have to score in the first half, and make them come out at us. We have to expect something similar at St Johnstone on Sunday, and this time there is no leeway. We absolutely must score goals.

 Joe Shaughnessey of St Mirren gets to grips with Liel Abada of Celtic in the penalty box

Tonight, I felt that McGregor or Rogic might with a bit of luck, have done the needful, but I had little belief in anyone else. Greg Taylor was brought on when it was too late. Owen Moffat looks the part and he is certainly worth persevering with, and Liam Shaw, of whom we have seen very little up to now, is also worth another go. The defence we cannot criticise, for they had little to defend against.

I rather enjoyed the somewhat bucolic and blatantlyand unashamedly biased St Mirren TV commentary, (although we heard an awful lot of foul language from the crowd) and it was good to see Frank McGarvey again. Not many people have won Cup medals for both Celtic and St Mirren, but Frank has.

At one point he seemed to say that he had never played the card game of pontoon. Of course not, Frank! And he was honest enough to say that he wanted both teams to get three points tonight! ‘Fraid not, Frank, only one and it does far more good to St Mirren than it does Celtic!

 A dejected Stephen Welsh of Celtic leave the park with Celtic Manager Angelos Postecoglou

So we have to beat the other Saints on Sunday…or the League is beginning to disappear. No-one was more delighted than I was at our triumph on Sunday, but we must now draw strength from it (the sight of green and white ribbons on silver!) and gird ourselves for the League challenge, We really cannot have very many more games like tonight.

Oh, and a Merry Christmas to everyone!

David Potter

About Author

I am Celtic author and historian and write for The Celtic Star. I live in Kirkcaldy and have followed Celtic all my life, having seen them first at Dundee in March 1958. I am a retired teacher and my other interests are cricket, drama and the poetry of Robert Burns.


  1. You’re right about one thing. No imagination!
    We, or should I say Ange, has a solitary style. If it doesn’t work, he is stuck!
    We have to be tougher. The fact is Mikey Johnston is simply not good enough. Abada, simply not good enough. McGregor, wasted playing deep when what we really need is him taking shots and getting inside the opponents box.
    Every substitute he has on the bench is a direct replacement for others on the park. None of them can offer that little bit of a difference. None is a potential match winner.
    We all know we have no fit forwards who are considered first team men.
    We have James McCarthy wasting on the bench. Him on the park allows McGregor to do a more effective job going forward. It creates spaces for Rogic, who incidentally was awful tonight!
    If McCarthy isn’t going to be fit enough, why would we sign him on a four year contract?
    We don’t even give successful managers more than twelve months rolling contracts!
    Introducing Taylor for Scales served absolutely zero purpose. A left full back change was NOT what we were screaming out for that late in the game!
    Ange won’t hear that he needs to switch things up when you hit a brick wall like we did in Paisley today.
    If it’s not his idea it won’t work! We will not win the league this season with this mentality.
    He is far too stubborn. This is what happens when you bring in a coach who has no backroom staff of his own. He has not confidant, no-one to bounce ideas off. He might think he can do this alone, but he can’t!
    Ange inheritec a herd of failures as backroom staff. Kennedy is not to be trusted. McManus has not shown anything, Gavin Strachan was a mistake.
    These guys should have been gone LONG before Lennon was forced out!
    If we can’t break down a bunch of kids like tonight, we are going nowhere.
    Finally, congratulations to St. Mirren. They accomplished their goal.

    • Ange must go ! Demonstration outside Celtic Park on Sunday at 2pm. .Pass on the word.See you there👍🏻 ………la left full back was all we had on the bench who could do “ attacking “.Who are you going to support for the rest of the season if that’s it for us? Panic merchant.

  2. The manager said he didn’t rest anyone .That means Kyogo was not fit to play . That’s quite a simple concept to grap,but,no, you want the man run into the ground totally and completely.Shameful.