‘Torbett was part of Celtic,’ victims lawyer claims club has moral and vicarious liability

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PATRICK McGUIRE, the lawyer representing abuse survivors, appeared on Radio Scotland this morning and was aggressive in his demands towards Celtic.

It was an uncomfortable listen. McGuire believes that Celtic have a moral obligation to pay compensation to his ten clients and he is offering Celtic the opportunity to meet to discuss and try to agree a settlement or he will see them in court.

The partner at with Thompsons Solicitors also rubbished Celtic statement yesterday as being inadequate. He contends that Celtic’s claim that they are a separate legal entity to the disgraced Boys Club is challengeable and states that the law on vicarious liability is well established in this area. That would be for a court to decide, if it gets that far.

McGuire also took Celtic to task on their statement yesterday, specifically relating to the claim that these despicable crimes only came to light in the 1990s. The lawyer reckons he has proof that this is not the case and that the the club did know or should have known years before.

“Torbett was part of Celtic and any attempt by the club to say he wasn’t is preposterous.

“This is an opportunity for Celtic to right the wrongs of the past and to lead the way in Scottish football where a club believes survivors and lives up to their responsibilities.

“I truly hope you do but if not then we will see you in court.”

McGuire described Torbett as “an evil and committed paedophile who operated as part of Celtic”.

“He abused young boys whose only dream was to play for the club.

“What myself and my clients cannot fathom is why Celtic continue to ignore and dismiss the impact of these disgraceful crimes committed under their watch. The effect Torbett’s actions have had on my clients cannot be described.

“It is all the more shocking when you think that this happened while they were supposed to be under the protection of one of Scotland’s most well known and loved institutions, Celtic Football Club.”

You can read Celtic’s statement HERE.


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