Tottenham to step up Postecoglou pursuit after Scottish Cup Final

A report by Dan Kilpatrick of the Evening Standard this morning makes for worrying reading regarding Ange Postecoglou from a Celtic perspective. It has to been acknowledged that Dan Kilpatrick is a reliable source when it comes to all things Spurs and is usually bang on the money when it comes to news regarding the North London side.

According to him, Spurs owner Daniel Levy is an admirer of Ange, and incoming Chief Football officer Scott Munn knows fellow Aussie Ange personally. This is not the news that the Celtic support will want to hear.

Ange Postecoglou – Photo Jane Barlow

Apparently levy and Munn will start the ball rolling after Saturday’s Scottish Cup final as they plan to lure the Celtic manager to North London.

It now looks like it will be down to Ange himself to make a decision on his future, and It will be a big one for him to make. He’s only human after all and will naturally be interested in what Spurs have to offer.

We just have to hope and pray he wants to stay and achieve more at Celtic, such as champions league progression and also is true to his word regarding his long term commitment to the club that he gave to Dermot Desmond when he was being interviewed for the Celtic job. Next week will give us an inkling to what his next steps will be. Fingers crossed he wants to take Celtic into the Champions League and honour is commitment to Dermot Dersond by furthering his stay in Glasgow.

Celtic v Aberdeen – Ange Postecoglou celebrates with the league trophy after the cinch Premiership match at Celtic Park, Saturday May 27, 2023. Photo Andrew Milligan

Here’s Dan Kilpatrick report, make of it what you will.

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  1. Heed the breed on

    The spurs fans have set up a petition to not sign Ange.
    They believe he has no credentials for premiership but in my opinion they think he’s a catholic and that’s the real reason for not wanting him there.
    Just goes to show you that you’ve got Jewish neo nazi’s now the world has gone bananas.

    • That’s not the real reason. They want a big name and think Scottish Football is crap. I don’t know of any Spurs supporters that have voiced an opinion on his religion. Not one.

      • Heed the breed on

        What I meant was they’re second guessing his religion which I think is Greek orthodox but don’t quote me.
        Having stayed in England for a lengthy time I know spurs supporters and some not all have the ethos of sevco they are really bitter and small minded.
        The last time a leak of all things Celtic came before motherwell v celtic scot mcdonald scored 2 in the last minutes of the game for the league.
        The tabloids had a field day when they heard that St Martin was leaving we’ll we know the rest .
        But the question I keep asking is after the first season why didn’t our board offer him a long-term deal to keep suitors away and a possible question has Peter Lawwell and Dermot Desmond aka hinge and bracket offering less money to spend on players for next season.
        Or is he fed up with the referee’s media sfa spfl sevco alll trying to hurt the player’s and dictate every decision this could definitely be a real factor as has been this way since inception.

  2. Jim O'Rourke on

    Not many of us expected Rodgers to leave us for Leicester even though they had been champions some few years before but I don’t know this one doesn’t seem to be going away and its not our daily ranger tabloids here its English press who don’t really have a reason to have a go at us during the build up to the cup final. Im sure ange will be bombarded by questions at Friday’s press conference and hopefully then he will put this to bed.

  3. Jim, if he is bombarded by questions at the Press Conference Ange will do as he has done before and fend them off with non committal answers. Nothing will be put to bed until next week. I am hoping fervently that Spurs approach someone else as I feel that if Ange is asked by them he will take it.

    • I agree with you, Mike. He will play it dead straight and give out very little clue as to what he is going to do after the Cup Final. It will go either of two ways:

      1. He will leave for Spurs
      2. He will sign a new contract with Celtic

      If I was to express a view, I’d say it’s looking increasingly likely that it will be 1.