Tynecastle’s Badge swap, Leigh Griffiths scarf on goalposts

The Rangers badge in the Hearts dressing room is not surprising, but spare me the uproar. It’s also weeded out all the hypocrites…

You may have read that theRangers Women team caused a bit of a ruckus after their Sky Sports Cup final win over Partick Thistle at Tynecastle yesterday afternoon. It was nothing that was done by any of the victorious players, but more of the fact that theRangers badge was spotted covering up the Hearts badge in the home dressing room.

It shouldn’t be surprising given the love-in that exists between the two sides, but it didn’t stop angry Jambos venting their fury. One would think that they’d be more upset by the way their side consistently ‘underperforms’ against the Ibrox side.

For me it’s much ado about nothing, yes it wouldn’t be nice to see a rival clubs badge over your own in your own patch, but there’s worse things in life to worry about. The Rangers fans have understandably been having a good laugh at the Jambos expense, but this has brought out the hypocrisy in all of them.

The same supporters after all got our allocation cut due to the fact they couldn’t stand Celtic supporters celebrating in their own backyard. Leigh Griffiths and the scarf on the goal post, remember the fury that caused?

Yes they were frothing at the mouth, so it’s rather amusing that they’ve found their sense of humour this time around. Incidentally could you imagine them being so laid back had a Celtic badge been placed over theRangers badge in their own dressing room? I think we all know the answer to that one.

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