UEFA excel themselves again as Celtic hit with ludicrous Europa League fine

We live in uncertain times where public health is at risk and a lot of club’s are genuinely fearing for their future.

What we all need is a governing body who has their eye on the ball, one who isn’t afraid to tackle the big issues of the day and generally want to make football a better place.

UEFA are an organisation who have shown a total inability to deal with corruption and racism, but at least we can all sleep soundly tonight knowing they firmly have their priorities in order.

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According to a report from The Daily Record, Celtic were hit with a fine of around £13k for a quite sickening infraction during their Europa League loss to Copenhagen last month.

For context, we may all remember the disgraceful scenes when Bulgaria played England last year, there was racist chanting, Nazi salutes and the game had to be delayed twice, so The BBC reported that UEFA dished out a fine of £65k then, so this fine is in a similar ballpark.

According to the report, Celtic’s fine came for kicking off a whole TWO MINUTES late. That’s it, kicking off slightly late is seemingly worthy of such a fine in times like these where so many clubs are worrying about finances and survival.

The report also states that Celtic won’t fight this and it’s fair enough, clearly there’s no point trying to reason with someone like UEFA and let’s face it, they have much bigger problems to deal with just now with the COVID-19 crisis.

At least some box ticker at UEFA will be feeling particularly pleased with themselves this afternoon.


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