Unacceptable and next year we’ll be asked to pay even more

We didn’t let ourselves down, but lack of quality is there for all to see, the board need to act if we want to compete…

If I’m being honest, I didn’t have much hope of of us pulling off a win last night in Rome, but for a while it looked as if we could do just that, only for the inevitable to happen. Yes we lost two quick fire goals in the last 10 minutes to brush aside any notion of a famous win in Rome for the second time in four years.

We played ok, and didn’t look in any danger until the final ten minutes, but we were devoid of any real quality in an attacking sense. We were missing the likes of Reo Hatate, Daizen Maeda, Liel Abada and Luis Palma and it showed.

James Forrest is past his best and Yang is not at the required level just yet. This of course meant Kyogo was starved of any real service and had a thankless task up top, although he was unlucky not to open the scoring early in the second half.

If we want to compete in Europe we need to add further quality, no projects but first team ready players.

Lazio brought on Ciro Immobile and Pedro and it proved pivotal in the outcome. We brought on Mikey Johnston and David Turnbull that’s the difference. Brendan has spoke of his desire to bring in quality over quantity, let’s hope the board are listening to his pleas.

Frankly the Celtic support has had enough of this and at £44 a ticket for home games we never win, the 60,000 rush to buy might slow down considerably next time we’re asked to commit up front.  And next year it will be four games not three at Celtic Park, assuming we qualify.

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  1. Anthony Mcquade on

    We’re the cash to be spent on quality players fans I feel would accept these prices
    However to save it up in the piggy bank to enable Celtic Plc second largest shareholder to build a Radisson Red or maybe a Radisson Green is not what fans and small shareholders want.
    Is it unreasonable to want the team you have supported all your life or the one you will support all your life to improve?
    I think that is what everyone who support s a team wants .
    At the top in Scotland is what enables you to strive for success in Europe but without better quality players that is where we will always be -bottom of the European pile !

  2. Mobilise the troops and take to the streets guys. This board are taking us for mugs and need removing.

  3. The age old problem is that we come up against teams that play in stronger leagues than us, they need a far stronger team just to compete domestically and get to the champions league.

    Celtic don’t need a team filled with 10 – 15 million pound purchases to win the SPL so any real quality would be be for Europe only and in a world of 50,60,100 million pound players there’s no guarantee we would get any further by spending even that kind of money.

    The current model doesn’t work though as you need to mix projects with proven experienced/quality players coming in, projects on there own aren’t enough.

    In addition PL’s statement about saving for a season when we don’t qualify for Europe doesn’t make sense, we only have one team to worry about re winning the SPL and by bringing in better quality players we would virtually guarantee that, I think the real problem with Celtic is that we are a PLC and the Board is legally bound to ensure that all decisions made are for the benefit of the shareholders and that’s where the conflict arises, spending more money on quality players may improve the team but that’s no guarantee we would increase profit for the shareholders and that could be deemed as fiscal irresponsibility.

    • The whole strategy is to support our insolvent friends, inescapable conclusion from last 11 years actions.

  4. Haha, the board will do nothing, and the support will do exactly the same. What chance you got when James Forest says it’s all the Green Brigades fault for opposing genocide. Ready to wash my hands if it all tbh.

  5. Amazes me just how many of our support rather stay in the problem of what CL brings, with a blame the board attitude when things didn’t go to plan, and yet heard nothing about what the solutions actually are?
    Instead the newer players will have to be made the scapegoats for another CL failure?
    Look at how this CL was constructed, and then look for the solutions, to actually make us stronger at this level, and the solutions aren’t as easy to find as many would like to think?
    So when you look at how a squad was constructed in a 4231 formation, which allows for 2 players in each position, and 3 surplus players to help cover the shortfall the 8 Scottish homegrown rule brings with it?
    So totally imo


    AJ. CCV Rocki. Taylor
    Ralston largerman Welsh scales

    Oreily. Calmac
    Paulo. Iwata

    Abada Hatate Maeda
    Yang. Turnbull Palma


    Surplus, Forrest, Johnston and Holm

    Yet things changed, with the injury to rocki and replaced by Philips, and the form of scales made him undropable.
    Throw in Rodgers claim of changing to playing a 433, yet never looked like a team playing a 433 on most occasions, especially last night?
    Seems like Rodgers was prepared to stay with Hart and Taylor during the summer, with the experience offered on and off the pitch?
    Surprised myself, but understand it, when the bulking of the overall squad was still a bigger requirement, and with the amount of injuries occurred to key players so far this season, then luckily that has worked in our favour within the SPFL, but not strong enough for CL level?
    When you look at the first choice player’s in the set up and the actual value of what they are worth, then getting a similar quality player for the position, remains impossible to be achieved.
    Example if Abada is a 15M player, then are we going to have anything close to that value as back up in the position? Certainly can’t be bought, so development in the backup positions within a squad is still the only real option available to ourselves as such currently imo.
    Still another CL campaign has come and gone, and up to 11 games now where we still haven’t been able to field our strongest 11 in how a manager constructed the squad in the first place?
    CL is never going to be an easy fix for ourselves with the homegrown rule in play, but the work starts now in the planning for next season?
    Yet an SPFL title has to be won beforehand, and still enough within the squad to achieve that this season, but still work needs to be done within the planning for next season still, which still requires some big decisions to be made?
    Example, many looking for a replacement for Taylor, yet would Taylor actually want to do the role ralston and Welsh are content enough to do so?
    Somehow I’m not so sure, and could actually provide another problem with the homegrown rule?
    Moan and blame as much as we like, but the problems stay in place for CL football, and the solutions aren’t as easy as many would like to think either imo?

    • especially if those with the purse strings do nothing to change it, and until they do we will never know if it would bring any success, but money brings better players, that was the whole point of EBTs…

      ps asking for two players to replace quality lost was not a big ask, or expecting miracles,well within our budget with no risk attached.

  6. I will judge the next two transfer windows but, based on what I’ve seen recently, I won’t be going to Champions League matches next season if we win the league.
    Why should I pay to watch a club with no ambition.
    If our ambition is limited to domestic football then that’s as far as my financial commitment extends.
    I’m scunnered with our self imposed limitations.