The Unforgiven – the Rangers fans are revolting!

APPARENTLY this group of players will never be forgiven!

Oh well…

“This is the final straw in my eyes, the only way they could redeem themselves for continually shaming the jersey would be to win the league next season but we all know they aren’t capable of that. I feel absolutely no connection to any of them. If someone asked me who my favourite was I’d struggle to name one.”

“One word for them… losers. And that is the worst description for anyone at a club* where winning is all that matters.”  *thinking it’s the same club…

They’re just not good enough mate. The tims done to us today what we have done to many over the years – easily beat us because they have much better players and a much better manager. I’ve came to the point I’m not even holding it against the imposters in the jerseys, it’s not their fault they’re at the club… Its the guys who have brought them here.”

“90% of them aren’t fit to wear the jersey. They don’t have the balls for it never mind the quality.”

“The job got too big for Murty , he f**king sh*t it … Players need a manager , who knows what the %^*& he’s doing ..Simple.”

‘These cowards couldn’t win a subutteo title never mind a league title. Most of them will be gone.”

“Lack of ability doesn’t excuse lack of effort.”“The Tims may be better but that doesn’t mean they can run harder and put more effort in anyone can do that, they’ve absolutely chucked it .. they were at 80.% today which is the unforgivable part.”

“It’s more than just being not good enough. We’ve had plenty of players over the years who weren’t great but at least never sh*t themselves when facing Celtic. These cowards are beat before they even take to the park against them.”

“And the coach is he included in this given as he said we would be more aggressive and our style would change when in fact nothing changed neither players or style.”

“They will go down in Rangers history as the team that bottled it and allowed the vhermin to win their seventh title at the scumhut. No half time draws for this lot when they retire.’

“They’ve been broken by experience against them. The 3-2 game when we were flying full of confidence has done them, they’ve been shattered by it. Even if that ended 3-3 or with a win though they don’t have the right mentality to go through a bad spell which is why they will never be good enough for us. Like I said though I can’t blame them for being here – they must think they’ve won the lottery every single day they walk into training.”

“I almost dislike them more than the 14/15 team that bottled the Championship playoffs, and I absolutely detested that side. A squad full of gutless losers.”

“They shouldn’t bother turning up for work anymore. Suspend every single one of them for shaming the club.  Make the final three games development squad matches. Throw Robertson and Murty straight out of the club and put Allen on 4 weeks notice to sort it or f**k off.  This squad had the chance to give Celtc a fright, they sh*t the bed and lay down. They should all get their agent to sound out moves to crap League One teams.”

“Will never forgive these ‘players’ as far as I am concerned they should all hand back their wages and get out of our club!”

“They are a f**king disgrace to the jersey. A jersey that lesser players may have worn through our history, but never shamed the club with such spineless capitulations as this lot.Today was a chance to try redeem themselves for that sh*tfest at Hampden, and to try stake a claim to be part of the new manager’s plans. They did neither. They can all f**k off, and take that sorry excuse for a manager with them.”

“This is the thing. Losing is part of sport. Utter sh*tebaggery on a colossal scale, however, can never be acceptable at our club.”

“Horrible bunch, can’t even get any fight from them. The amount of half hearted attempts at tackling today was unreal, they went in for everything with 100% conviction.”

Celtic “are beating us more comprehensively than any other side in the league, the quality the squad should easily deliver 2nd place but they go missing no heart no physicality and not giving a f*ck especially for Dorrans who today thought was a total disgrace he should never wear the shirt again.”

“Two O** F*** matches in a row where I’ve felt you could have stuck a decent Junior side against Celtic and ran them closer.  That is utterly unacceptable.”

“Bizarre beyond belief that 6 weeks ago or thereabouts the players got in that mobs faces and all for stupid defending would have beaten them , then turn into this abomonation of a team of cowards the last 2 games, said at time was small player mentality to cheer drawing that mob, was stuff you see Acrington Stanely do when draw premiership side in the cup. Even Ferguson’s comments in the week about getting stuck into that thing they have in the middle of the park didn’t fire this bunch up. Not only Murty but genuinely hate some of that squad, and never said that about any player, except maybe Ian Black.”

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