Unmissable! Celtic fans reply to Alex, the Rangers fan – ‘the Donald Trump of Pigeons,’ ‘the pain is fantastic’

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The Rangers fan who wrote the piece this to you on their behaviour on these occasions – was it Alex Rae / Ally Mccoist or Steven Thompson? Does he not also realise at least we were saved, did not go into liquidation and paid all our bills? As to Trophies we will surpass the old Rangers soon and it is the Rangers that will never pass our trophy haul.

Johnathan Bell


Sounds very much like an incoherent diatribe of bile from someone who has little enjoyment in his life. Very sad indeed.

Joe Boyle



Alex, in 1974 when Celtic won the league for the 9th time in a row the league was reconstructed to stop us winning 10. The press at the time said it had to be done so that one team cannot be allowed to dominate Scottish football, for the good of the game.

Move on years later and Rangers win 9 in a row, no league reconstruction but the press say it’s a great achievement by a great club, no mention of its bad for Scottish football that one team dominates. So don’t tell me that the press or the SFA does us any favours, you were called (the H word) by a judge when your fans ransacked Wolverhampton, you went on another rampage in newcastle 1969 ,Barcelona 72, Manchester 2008 and a lot more before and after and every time it was someone else’s fault.

Further more to use a vile thing like child abuse to score points is sick in itself, so play the victim card all you like , it doesn’t wash with all decent fans not just Celtic. No one likes us we don’t care, my arse you are raging mate, so here’s to our 2nd 9-in-a-row and on our way to make it 10, stay safe big yin/ wee yin Hail Hail

John Caw


Well what can we say about that…
Denial springs to mind
Denial that his team are still the same club
Denial that they were a disgrace in Manchester
Denial that the lower league years for them were not valid Championship years for us (they failed to win the lower division and got smacked off Motherwell, 6-1 in a play-off)

Poor deluded guy. Nothing bad to say about the guy but the Prado looking statement just shows his lack of class…

Robert McLean



There is much to unpack in Alex’s retort. What we have here, in essence, is an attempt to strike a measured and objective tone, but, as with most bears, the frenzied seething is merely bubbling under the surface:

Whataboutery – Tick.
Victimhood – Tick.
Paedo-reference – Tick.

While I don’t advocate the savage beating of Gers fans for asking directions this example has the distinct pallor of a particularly insipid “Aye, but” from a floored man who already has his face in the canvas.

Marc Orr

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