Up Yours Rodgers – John Beaton given the whistle for Glasgow Derby

In news that will surprise not one single Celtic supporter, Crawford Allan, the head of Scottish referees has selected John Beaton to referee the Glasgow Derby at Ibrox this Sunday, 7th April.

Willie Collum named as the Fourth official

Beaton was the subject of Brendan Rodgers’ justifiable outburst following Beaton’s disgraceful VAR interventions in the Hearts v Celtic game at Tynecastle last month which greatly assisted theRangers the day after they had lost to Motherwell at Ibrox.

Rodgers at the weekend sat out the game at Livingston in the stand as he served the first touchline ban of his coaching career.

Crawford Allan jumped before he was pushed but will not leave his post until the end of the season, meaning he can do what he can to achieve the outcome desired by himself and so many of his cabal, including of course Beaton who openly flaunts his support for Celtic’s title rivals.

At the weekend Hibs found themselves facing a “Penalty to Rangers’ moment for nothing really then less than 24 hours later Kyogo was denied a stonewaller which, fools that we are, reckoned would be awarded when VAR had a look. Don Robertson – him of Tynecastle infamy – had the whistle and Alan Muir was on VAR, he you will remember was the official standing behind the goal as Leigh Griffiths had his goanward bound effort handled by an Inverness defender in the Scottish Cup semi-final in 2015. VAR didn’t ask Robertson to go to the screen.

Corruption runs deep at the Scottish FA as was highlighted last night over on Celtic Shorts…

ON CELTIC SHORTS…The full story behind the long wait to see Jorge Cadete make his Celtic debut

So John Beaton has the whistle on Sunday for the Glasgow Derby. He will be assisted by Daniel McFarlane and Dougie Potter while Willie Collum will be back at Ibrox on SCOTTISH PREMIERSHIP duties for the first time since they complained about him at the end of last year, but he’s only on Fourth Official duties. VAR will be run by another blue-nose, Nick Walsh and he will be assisted by Frank Connor.

22nd October 2022. Referee Nick Walsh signals a penalty to Hearts after consulting var during the cinch Premiership match at Tynecastle Park,  Neil Hanna / Sportimage

Celtic surely must issue a statement ahead of this game, noting ‘surprise’ that Beaton has been appointed and comparing this quick return to Collum not getting a game involving theRangers for three full months and a week.

Saying nothing is no longer an option.  Those running Celtic think the same as the supporters, now they need to get this out in the open.

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  1. Can there possibly be a more corrupt sporting organisation than the Scottish FA in world sport?
    I fail to see if there is, especially when such an organisation is openly showing there hand, and remains unchallenged in doing so whatsoever?
    The agenda of aiding the scum in every way possible to win a title, has possibly been put in place in a stronger and more openly context, than I can ever recall this season imo?
    That is the level we have to try and overcome at this shithole on Sunday.
    This is also where we are entitled to celebrate every trophy we win, with having to overcome every obstacles that is openly put in our way to try and deny us?
    This again is such a case, but wont manage to be successful either from a cheating organisation as bad as the Scottish FA proudly remains in doing so?
    Yet we remain Celtic, and like a good Irish coffee, the cream always rises to the top?
    We will still prove that yet again this Sunday

  2. RPM Celticfan on

    Don’t forget the treacherous hand helping rANGERs to the title ,that is the Celtic board , hoarding money while needing players ,especially at left back and paying lip service to injustice we face from the Huns with whistles and hiding behind Var screens , charlatans not Celts imo , Hail hail .