Video: A Fan’s Song For Neil Lennon

The Songs of Yours & Mine Facebook page has attracted a lot of attention in recent times, particularly with remixes of Bye Bye Rangers and Piling On The Agony, to reflect events of the modern era.

Today, the singer behind the page uploaded a video of himself singing a song that he penned in tribute to Neil Lennon and the hardships that the Irishman has had to endure in Glasgow.

Written back when Neil Lennon was first appointed the Managers Job.We must not forget what he had to endure to play for and manage the club he loves…We Are All Neil Lennon.💚🍀🍀 #thegaffer

Posted by Songs of Yours & Mine on Saturday, July 4, 2020

He wears his heart on his sleeve, the four leaf clover on his chest

And he’ll go down in history as one of Celtic’s best

He’s played against them all, Juventus and Milan

Right down to the core, a Lurgan born Celtic man


(Chorus) And Neil Lennon, You’ll Never Walk Alone

Neil Lennon take your seat on Celtic’s throne

Neil Lennon you belong in Paradise

And Neil Lennon, above them you will rise


And when it comes to matchday you’re on the frontline

Jumping up like Martin reminds us of a good time

With Larsson and Sutton putting fear in the blue

You’re bringing back the thunder like the day we won 6-2




Talk about your winning, your success in the sport

While they’re telling lies for the papers to report

And we’ll be right behind you, there’s worldwide support

And that goes for the two Bhoys Niall McGinn and Paddy McCourt




Well I could write another verse or two, to this man’s song

But we all know and love his character so strong

So on behalf of every Celtic fan I’d like to say

We love you Neil Lennon from Cork City to Botany Bay



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