Video: Andy Walker demonstrates he has no understanding of the offside rule during Celtic vs Ross County

Admittedly, the revelation that Andy Walker is utterly clueless isn’t completely groundbreaking, the man has been dreadful as a commentator on Sky Sports for years.

Today might have reached a new low as he demonstrated a fundamental lack of understanding for the offside rule. He even had the chance to watch the replay and correct himself, but he decided to stick with his original assessment.

It’s not even that hard to figure out, Brian Graham is offside, yes he doesn’t go for the ball but he blocks the Celtic defender from getting back to intercept or close the attacker down. It even looks like Graham knows what he’s doing and tires to be subtle as he blocks Jullien off.

That makes him active in the play, and seeing as he was offside it’s an obvious decision for the linesman to give.

Footage courtesy of Sky Sports:

The goal would’ve made it 4-2 with only a few minutes to play so it’s not really important, but given that Sky Sports costs a decent wedge each month to subscribe to, perhaps we could have some commentators who understand the game?

Failing that, if they could just put some effort into their output of Scottish football that would be a start.

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