Video – BBC Sport’s tribute to Scott Brown’s recent ‘Glow-Up’

The BBC has paid special tribute to the impressive ‘glow-up’ of former Celtic captain, Scott Brown. The BBC posted a short clip on their official TikTok account of some images of Scott Brown while he was still playing at Celtic, then later flashing to a few pictures of how Scott is looking these days as he manages Fleetwood Town.

The music playing in the background is ‘Careless Whisper’ by Wham! which is, by all accounts, quite a provocative song, as the BBC seem to think Scott has had a major glow-up. The BBC seem to think that since Scott Brown has grown out his hair, he has become instantly better looking.

It seems that some people were unaware that Scott Brown was bald by choice as the top comment reads…”So you’re telling me he just chose to be bald”.

Another user joked that Scott Brown had visited Turkey which has recently become a hub for people to get hair transplants. However, I’m sure that Brown’s new lushes locks are all natural and homegrown. The comment said…”someone’s been to turkey”

You can watch the video HERE.

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