Video: Brendan Rodgers still has Celtic on the mind as he reminisces in a Leicester press conference

There’s no denying that there was outrage when Brendan Rodgers jumped ship and left to join Leicester City, but time has healed some of those wounds.

It’s also started to become clear that there were issues behind the scenes and perhaps he felt he was losing control of recruitment and the board were making some poor decisions.

He’s done an impressive job down south so his decision certainly looks like a good one from his point of view, but it’s clear that he still has Celtic on the mind.

These comments came up as part of his recent press duties for Leicester, and the love for the club and the fans is still as strong as ever:

Obviously opinions are split among the Celtic fanbase and a good number will find it impossible to forgive him, but you do have to wonder if he’s just trying to ensure that the option for a return will be there in the future.

Clearly that won’t happen for a few years at least, but would you be willing to take him back?

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