Video – Broony tackles Keyboard Warriors, a few words on fake Celtic sites

CELTIC CAPTAIN Scott Brown today responded to the criticism that was directed at the Celtic players after the disappointing result in the Europa League against Copenhagen at Celtic Park under the Disco Lights last Thursday night.

Speaking at today’s Media Conference ahead to tomorrow night’s visit to Livingston (someone needs to tell Broony that the game is on Wednesday evening and not at the weekend!) the Celtic legend reflected on the stick that inevitably comes the way of the Celtic players when they have a bad result.

“I think it’s unfair as well for a lot of people,” Broony said. “We’re brought up in a day and age when people can be keyboard warriors, hide behind and they wouldn’t say it to you in the street to your face but they’re happy enough to sit and do it on social media and try to DM you and do all sorts.

“It’s a different world, probably, from when I first started.”

Broony isn’t too bothered about the abuse that us directed at him. He doesn’t even read most of it and anything he does see he just laughs off. For younger players without the thick skin of the current Celtic captain, it can be a problem.

One player who always seems to get it in the neck on social media is James Forrest, who the readers of this site voted as our Player of the Year last season. Jamesy picked one or two other awards too but one poor game and the trolls are out in force. Callum McGregor is another one who used to get this treatment, not so much now though, both players of course are home grown Celtic Academy products. Which actually makes you wonder why this is the case because traditionally the Celtic Support was always very supportive of young players coming through the ranks and breaking into the first team.

And the last time Celtic played at Livingston, Ryan Christie got himself sent off (for a tackle no worse that the one on James Forrest at Perth on Sunday) and afterwards had to delete his social media accounts due to the online abuse he was receiving. That in turn gave the very same sites that were sticking the fires on this to write even more negative stories about how the bad Celtic Supporters had chased Christie from Twitter.

Maybe Broony is right, it’s all down to social media. Even after a win, you’ll sometimes see as a Top Story on some of the News sites headlines like “These Celtic fans can’t believe how bad this £20k a week star played tonight” – the article has five embedded tweets (occasionally from suspicious accounts ie the bloke writing the article) and as they are top stories they are getting more readers and making more money that any of the other media posting.

These click-bait sites know there is no money in an Edouard was outstanding post with five tweets talking up a brilliant goal from the Celtic talisman. No, the money is in slaughtering players and it is thoroughly depressing – not just for the players but for other supporters. Do your bit and NEVER click on that rubbish incidentally.

These news sites can be divided into the following:

1. The official Celtic Site.

2. The MSM – many of them are on there and you know what you are getting and will have made up your own mind on their overall attitude to Celtic.

3. The Celtic fan media sites – plenty to choose from including The Celtic Star, E-Tims, The Celtic Blog, Video Celts, Celts Are Here and one or two others.

4. The click-bait suites, some even pretending to be Celtic sites. These are the one that could compile 5 tweets saying Jimmy Johnstone had a stinker in Lisbon on 25 May 1967 had they been around. Wide berth should be given.

You can actually highlight the sites that you like and also filter these dud sites out completely.

Anyway, back to what else the Celtic captain had to say today as he looked ahead to the game against Livingston (it’s tomorrow night Broony).

“It’s a hard place to go. They’re well-organised, well-drilled and it’s on astro as well.

“The last game there was a hard one to take for us because we had a couple of weeks to think about it with us going straight on international duty. The lads didn’t meet up again for 10 days afterwards so you always analyse yourself, go back and watch the games and think about what you could have done better.

“We didn’t play that well, and even when we went down to 10 men, we could have played a lot better. We had a couple of chances but it just wasn’t to be that day. Livingston were very organised and played well.

“We’re not perfect, and we’re not going to win every single game by five or six goals, but it’s about learning from the mistakes we’ve made,” Scott said.

“We’re all about learning. That’s football for you and we want to try and learn as much as we possibly can. We want to bounce back.

“It’s a hard place to go and a lot of teams have struggled there this season. Gary Holt’s done a great job there but it’s about how we break them down and how we play. We’re going to have to do the hard work first against Livingston but we’re also going to have to play smart as well because we know how organised they are.

“It’s not about us wanting revenge, it’s about learning from our mistakes and showing we can bounce back. We did that from the Copenhagen game into the St Johnstone game, and we did that after the last Livingston game by going on a great run.

“It’s about learning. People aren’t perfect, they’re going to make mistakes here and there but we need to make sure we don’t do it regularly.”

Watch Scott Brown’s Media Conference below and remember to stay away from those fake Celtic sites…

Also on The Celtic Star today, the kinda stuff you don’t see on the fake Celtic sites…

Here’s one from horse racing to make you smile, credit to Michael Purvis on the Celtic FC – We shall not be moved Facebook page.

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