Video: Hurting Rangers coach appears to headbutt Celtic manager

Caitlin Hayes sparked terrific scenes in Cumbernauld with a 99th minute equaliser against Rangers. The Ibrox club took the lead through Brogan Hayes but the Ghirls pressed, dominated the ball and got their rewards.

Unfortunately, Celtic manager Fran Alonso was on the end of a cowardly act from a member of the Rangers coaching staff. As the likable Spaniard shook hands with the players on the pitch, the Rangers coach Craig McPherson goes up behind Alonso, shouts and appears to headbutt the Celtic manager.

This abhorrent behaviour needs to be called out and the culprit should suffer a severe punishment. The club that proclaim dignity at their core need to act quickly and make clear that actions like this serve to simply pollute the game.

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Born just as Celtic were stopping the Ten, Lubo98 follows Celtic home and away and helps run his local Celtic Supporters Club. He goes to all the games and is a Law Graduate. Has a particular fondness for Tom Rogic among the current Celts and both Lubo and Henrik form his earliest Celtic memories.

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  1. I bet anyone a £100 he gets away with it because they huns can do what they want and the corrupt sfa.spfl will say that the sevco coach bumped into him just watch this because their were kids watching that game and that scumhun of a coach didn’t give a fuck who was watching that game surely he must get kicked out of the game for good but we wait and see what they corrupt bastards do at hampden sfa our spfl that mob at liebrox cant except that both celtic men and woman teams are better and never stop playing untill the whistle has been blowing so well done celtic woman yous got ur goal after all..HAIL HAIL TO ALONSO.☘️🇮🇪☘️🇮🇪☘️🇮🇪👍