Video: Jeremy Vine Show Debates Celtic Fans’ Coronation Chant

Celtic supporters have long opposed inequality, unfair class structures, imperialism and empire. Our history as a club and as a diasporic people makes this position inevitable.

The Coronation is rammed down the throats of people across the UK as they are invited to swear allegiance to an unelected monarch, and bend the knee to another human being who by virtue of imperialism and empire now sits on a throne wearing a crown of stolen jewels. We must all fall in line and know our place as inferior subjects.

theRangers fans at Hampden on Sunday have the Coronation to look forward to as their season highlight.

Nobody in the media, it seems, is allowed an alternative view on this archaic ‘tradition’.

But Coronation time is near,  ’23 that is the year but rather than another four from England meeting their doom – no British cup football tournament will be held for Celtic to win as before. Instead, the event was marked by Hoops supporters by telling all who could hear, just where they can shove the next Coronation.

The Celtic end at Hampden on Sunday.

The chant sparked a debate on morning TV and Jeremy Vine appeared to be tickled by the nature of our words.

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  1. Patrick mcdaid on

    Who cares about this coronation its a load of crap .i will never bow any part of my body to anything to do with royalty i pledge nothing at my eyes only one king only existed which is and always will be our lord jesus christ the more thing i doubt it vety much if charles is actualy due any respect at all far too much nasty goings on in whole family.we are all equal in gods eyes problem arises when certain ones think they are so special.come the coronation my tv radio will not be turned on for 3 days instead il live my life ignoring this royal carnival of crap