Video: Leigh Griffiths’ Scott Brown Game Face Admission

LEIGH GRIFFITHS has admitted that he has tried and failed to break Scott Brown’s game face in the tunnel. The Celtic captain is renowned for his focused demeanour before games away from the usual vibrant personality that he displays off the pitch and the striker has tried to break that focus, as he revealed to Si Ferry in the latest instalment of Open Goal.

“It’s weird. In the changing room you can be having a laugh and stuff.

“Even going out for a warm-up he’ll be fine until he hits that bit in the tunnel at Celtic Park before you go down the stairs.”

“As soon as he hits that, it’s like a different guy. It changes him completely.

“He’s out and that’s him focused for the game. You cannot make him laugh. I’ve tried it, believe me!

“So I’ve walked out, I’ve pinched his arse or something, and I’ve looked back and he was just looking straight through me as if I was invisible!

“I’d need to do something. I’d want to punch you back, or I’d want to laugh or do something. It’s just ridiculous on how focused he is during a game.”

You can watch the full interview with Si Ferry here:

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