Video: Old footage suggests Celtic shouldn’t worry about the Eddie Howe to Spurs link

There’s been a feeling that Eddie Howe is holding off accepting the Celtic job because he wants to see what opens up down south, and the Spurs job would certainly be interesting to him.

It’s been reported that he was recently on TV as a pundit with Tim Sherwood who was doing all he could to link Howe with that job, although the former Bournemouth man could only really manage a nervous laugh before they moved on.

It’s natural to worry from a Celtic point of view here as Sherwood has plenty of Spurs connections, so what if he knows something or what if he’s able to recommend people for the role?

It’s important to remember that it’s only just Tim Sherwood, an absolute rent-a-quote of a pundit who doesn’t have much respect, plus it appears that he’s more than happy to tout Howe for big jobs that are clearly not going to happen:

7th placed Spurs who haven’t won the league since 1961 and who only have a League Cup to their name in the last 30 years are poised to join the new Super League containing the “best” teams in Europe, so you would think they need to get this next appointment right.

Ultimately that means appointing someone with a proven track record at the top level so Howe can’t be seen as a serious contender here, but it’s still not clear what’s happening between him and Celtic.

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