Video: The Allocation Lies Begin

We all know who was responsible for cutting away allocations in the Glasgow derby fixture, and why they did so. The Rangers and because they couldn’t handle Celtic celebrating in their stadium after numerous victories en route to numerous trebles.

There was a fan campaign online to get the board to cut Celtic’s allocation at Ibrox and the Govan club responded by giving us just 750 seats.

Celtic responded in kind, so as to not concede any advantage to their rivals. This meant that the media, including the likes of Andy Walker, blamed both clubs for the issue, yet only one club created the problem.

Since the new arrangements have been in place, Celtic fans have been relocated to a corner of Ibrox, where home supporters are positioned above them on either side. As a result, coins and eggs have been thrown into the Celtic support and then a fan was struck by a bottle in the latest Derby game at Ibrox.

Citing supporter safety, Celtic have said to theRangers board that they want a return to the original arrangements – with full allocations – or else they will take zero tickets. It is what should have happened in the first place, regardless of safety concerns, rather than letting a bunch of spoilt children have their way and diminish the country’s only attractive game to viewers outside of Scotland.

Many former Celtic players and the entire fan base have stated the above, accurate sequence of events. They know that the solution is to return to the way it was for over 20 years, and only one club is blocking that. However, the wider Scottish media have instead labelled this an issue caused by two clubs and haven’t even concerned themselves with the issue of supporter safety either.

The lies have well and truly begun. Like wildfire, those lies have spread to theRangers support who have dreamt up that this is an issue with the Celtic end looking better than their support on TV, that it affects the team, that they can’t be seen from the dugout and other nonsense. Funnily enough those things didn’t matter until their new team got horsed on a regular basis, and now they don’t want to be seen to give in to Timmy’s demands.

Here’s just some of the myths being spouted, and wonderfully put down by the ever reliable Tam Sellic on Twitter.

One club wants 700 away fans at games, the other wants 7,000. We know who started this and who perpetuates the problem. Here’s a clue, it’s not the team who don’t want their fans left in a vulnerable position anymore.

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  1. What will happen if we drew them in an earlier round of the Scottish cup,as the sfa ruling states the away team can claim up to 20%of ground capacity,another minefield waiting to happen.