Video: The pointed Ange Postecoglou comments that could explain Celtic exit

Ange Postecoglou’s side took a huge step towards sealing a place in the Premier League’s Top Four next year with a 4-0 win against Aston Villa at Villa Park. In the lead up to the game Postecoglou was asked of the importance of getting into the UEFA Champions League next year. The Australian delivered a pointed response, which could be an explanation for why he decided to move on last summer.

Postecoglou’s comments about not building on and developing certainly ring true amongst the support. After the performances in Ange’s second season in Europe, the hope was that the club could kick on but Ange decided to move on to Tottenham Hotspur. Since moving there, Ange has done well amidst a huge rebuild.

Celtic, meanwhile, have struggled to adjust to the loss of Ange and some key first team figures. Brendan Rodgers was brought back to the club and it was hoped that he would that the manager would be backed with a view to making waves in Europe. The club now need to support Rodgers and back the manager to compete going forward.

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Born just as Celtic were stopping the Ten, Lubo98 follows Celtic home and away and helps run his local Celtic Supporters Club. He goes to all the games and is a Law Graduate. Has a particular fondness for Tom Rogic among the current Celts and both Lubo and Henrik form his earliest Celtic memories.


  1. Our club could be finished.
    The Board do NOT LISTEN. There is no improvement planned.
    Ange has proven this year that he can improve a club in the EPL. He is now looking to establish his club in the Champions League.
    If he had been supported at Celtic by the Board, we could be in a very impressive position now with the future progress solidified. Instead of that, where are we? Faltering and going backwards.
    The Club does not deserve the fans, because it does little for them.
    We have betrayed Fergus.

    • Gary Cheshire on

      Spot on, been through the good and bad and this boards only difference with the one we ousted is they have us in profit, woop doo. I’ve been a pools agent for around 25 years too and who have we developed in that time? What progress have we made since Fergus set us up? Heehaw just backwards year on year

  2. All the comments I’m hearing and reading regarding the summer window are all deja vu.
    Beware a largest shareholder promising anything, we’ve heard it all before, in fact twice a season we get the same bullshit which invariably ends in disappointment, why would this year be any different? Its all about selling STs, anyone who disagrees is deluded!!!

    • Spurs were well aware of Ange before he came here that have been in a quandry for years us picking him up and the job he did then set things in motion from them knowing that the Celtic board wouldn’t finance his building and planning for Europe like what he would have needed as the policy of the board is get the balance right of domestic winning and hopefully that will be good enough to get us into cl proper and pray we can scrape out a win or 2 this board will never be convinced to spend more to advance in Europe we all could see what Ange was building trying to do and I don’t doubt the board did to but were never going to take the financial risk

  3. Peter Cassidy on

    We now have this nonsense Celtic are going to bring in better players in the summer all we needed to do last summer was replace some of the players we sold with good players but bought in projects and some duds.So now we are really going to splash the cash it’s all pr”jam again tomorrow and fans will still buy st in vast numbers to get the same results very depressing outlook.

  4. It is legitimate to make this argument against Celtic.

    It is not legitimate to co-opt Ange’s remarks to the debate.

    Ange left for the same reason Kieran left. It was to do with their own personal ambition; not their ambition for Celtic.

    Even if Celtic had spent more, these guys were going once they got the offer and interest. We lose players we’d rather keep to Bournemouth and Southampton and we couldn’t attract Pierre’s boy, Sydney, as he preferred to go to Championship Norwich for a “higher standard of football”

    Yes, Celtic should have bought better, but Ange was not staying- Get real!

  5. Martin Blackshaw on

    Even if the major shareholder has decided to spend big in summer, the league is gone this year along with £60 million in Champions League funds. It’s too late, Dermot!

  6. We the ever loyal fans are to blame, we continue to buy the merchandise and season tickets, all the while the board are paying themselves even larger bonuses, Lawell in particular lies and lies about everything from the 5 way agreement to player investment, we are constantly ruled over by rangers supporters acting as officials, they cheat us on a weekly basis while openly helping their favourite team, the response from our board ?, silence total silence, while we the caring fans suffer even more.
    We have to respond with our wallets, I for one will not spend a penny more, 60 years of unbroken support, untill Lawell is gone for good I’m out.