Watch this space – why Brendan Rodgers’ transfer update is exciting

Brendan Rodgers has told Celtic supporters not to expect signings in the £15-£20 million bracket, but don’t rule out a record-breaking transfer.

Speaking to Sky Sports News, Rodgers explained the club’s transfer strategy and told supporters not to expect any signings in the £15-£20 million category. This might have been confirming the inevitable but it is still an exciting update.

“We want to improve the squad. I think everyone looks & thinks that we might be bringing in a £15M – £20M player.”

“Now the reality is, that won’t be the case. It’s not what the club is based on.”

Celtic v Wolverhampton Wanderers – Pre Season Friendly – Aviva Stadium Celtic manager Brendan Rodgers  Copyright: Brian Lawless

“That doesn’t mean there’s not talented players out there we do want. We want to do some more business.

“We’ll look to bring some more players in.”

Did we really expect that anyway? Well the most realistic of us didn’t anyway. it’s nonsense to suggest otherwise. It’s not possible due to our structure and to do so would be financial suicide.

Brendan did say as he did at the weekend, that we will be adding to the squad before the window shuts and while he’s closed the door on a big big money move he hasn’t shut the door on a massive signing or two coming to the club.

I still maintain that we could break our current transfer record of £9 million, if not this window possibly the next two. As far as this window goes it’s still within the realms of possibility that we could see a signing come to the club in the £10- £12 million category. Celtic have signed Odin Thiago Holm, Marco Tilio, Yang Hyun-jun, Kwon Hyeok-kyu and Maik Nawrocki.

So while Brendan is ruling out crazy money, he’s not shutting the door on one or possibly two big money captures. Brendan agreed to rejoin the club due to it being a different place from his first spell. He will have major cash to splash. Watch this space.

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