‘We all know what motivates Kris Boyd’. He is ‘an appalling ambassador for a mental health charity’

THE view of all the major incidents isn’t as good at the game as most of you reading this will have seen on Sky. Many of us at Rugby Park thought that Leigh Griffiths looked offside when he scored, and that Killie had a decent shout for a penalty in the second half – we were a long way away at the other end of the ground for that one. And we thought that Power should have been shown a red card for the challenge on Jeremie Frimpong which looked like an ankle breaker to us.

Turns out Griff was onside, there was no penalty denied to Kilmarnock and the tackle was hard but fair according to many Celtic supporters who watched the match on TV.

It’s recorded so I’ll hopefully get a chance to watch it all back later today.

There is one major advantage at being at the game, when Sky is the broadcaster, in that you get to miss the punditry and last night’s low-as-a-snake premeditated attack on Leigh Griffiths from Kris Boyd – who runs a mental health charity in memory of his brother who lost his life to suicide – was a disgrace.

A friend of my son took his own life in December 2018. He was a lovely young man, I used to enjoy his company when he appeared at the house.I also know his dad, again a very decent bloke. We have all been to funerals but if you have been to one that is a result of a suicide you will appreciate that the grief is intensified and there are all sorts of emotions that are unique to these terrible circumstances.It was tough for us, so can you imagine what it was like for the family? My son had to speak at the funeral to talk about his friend and I can tell you I’ve never been prouder of him.

So Kris Boyd, more than nearly everyone at Rugby Park last night should have known better and Sky Sports – who are always quick to promote mental health matters south of the border when the Princes William and the now exiled Harry are involved – should have a serious look at themselves today.

I have only seen the clip of what Boyd said on Twitter but picked up on the outrage reading the comments on the bus on the way home. There is an anger here that goes way beyond football. Football – who wins the match, scores the goals, wins the title – should be immaterial, completely irrelevant, when there are more profound matters to deal with. And if someone is off their work as a result then no-one would dream of criticising them, except if you are a blue-nosed bigot attacking a man who happens to earn his living playing professional football for the team you detest.

I have no idea what Kris Boyd’s brother did for a living but if he was this morning able to be back at his job, recovered to a certain extent, from the dark place he ended up through his mental illness, then the world would be a better place for Kris Boyd and his family as it would for the family of my son’s friend and far too many other families.

Yet these families know this more than the rest of us. I saw that pain at that funeral and you just knew it would never go away from those left behind. That is why Kris Boyd is a disgrace and so too is Sky Sports.

Steve Clarke, the Scotland manager and a decent human being, must have been embarrassed, nae appalled standing there as Boyd put words into his mouth. Why did he remain silent?

Here’s a flavour of the views being expressed on social media about Kris Boyd and there’s much more, this is merely a sample.

Over to you Sky Sports. You can expect an Unsubscribe Campaign if you don’t take action and quickly…


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