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It would be disingenuous of me to do a book review because I worked on “Invincible,” so I did write a behind-the-scenes-from-5000-miles-away look at the book. Having read the book as I proofed it, I can say that Matt is an outstanding writer…

We are all ‘Invincible’

Truth in advertising: What you’re about to read is not so much a review of Matt Corr’s book, “Invincible,” the first book in a trilogy on the history of each of the Treble Treble seasons, but rather an observation that provides a peek behind the curtain of this outstanding literary project.

The Celtic Star’s editor hired me, a retired newspaper editor, to proofread Matt’s book. So in other words, I was one of the lucky few who had a head start in reading it.

A little perspective: Currently I occasionally do freelance work editing and proofreading technical documentation — both hardware and software manuals — and, as you might imagine, the prose in these manuals and documentation are not exactly page-turners, by anyone’s definition.

So, to work on a book on a topic close to my heart — namely, Celtic — was a godsend. But this project was more: To work on this book was an honour and a privilege unrivaled in an editing career that has spanned four decades, simply by virtue of the fact that the material I had to work with was so clear, so precise, and so outstanding.

I was not a Celtic FC fan during the 2016/17 season. I was not even a football fan then (the story about how I started following football in general, and Celtic in particular, has been told elsewhere). I mention this because in “Invincible,” Corr literally puts you in the seat next to him for each of the games he describes in that glorious season.

No small feat, and it’s a testament to Matt’s uniquely detailed writing style, which constantly keeps your interest and focus on the moment on every page and on every game leading to the ultimate victory of the first Treble Treble.

Matt is no stranger to the Celtic faithful. His dispatches from European venues on the road with the Hoops, as well as other historical articles in The Celtic Star and writing game programme articles for home-game matches, has entertained and educated Celtic fans over the years. A man of many hats, he is also a tourguide at Celtic Park.

Suffice to say that Celtic is in Matt’s DNA, and the material he presents in his first book is easily relatable to all Celtic fans worldwide. In these pages, you are there with him in that first historic season. To that end, all Celtic fans own a piece of the history that is outlined in this book, making us all “Invincible.”

Now to sharpen my No. 2 pencil and wait for the next two books . . .

To buy a signed copy of “Invincible,” visit The Celtic Star bookstore HERE. The book is £19.99 plus postage, and it makes the perfect Father’s Day gift, assuming your father is a Celtic fan (and even if he isn’t, this will probably make him one).  And you will also receive a copy of That Season in Paradise that takes you through the historic 1966/67 season for Celtic when all five trophies contested were won including the European Cup.

That wonderful achievement from 1966/67 actually helps illustrate just how impressive Celtic’s 2016/17 season was because the greatest Celtic side of all time weren’t able to complete their domestic season as Invincibles, having lost home and away to Dundee Utd. What the Lisbon Lions didn’t do fifty years before, the Celtic side of 2016/17 achieved and Matt Corr’s wonderful “Invincible” book is a fitting tribute to that Celtic side’s achievement.

Larry Cafiero

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