We await with interest to what Liel Abada has to say

We await with interest to what Liel Abada has to say…

Celtic v St. Johnstone – cinch Premiership – Liel Abada left battle for the ball during the cinch Premiership match at Celtic Park,  Saturday August 26, 2023. Photo Steve Welsh

Liel Abada’s move to MLS side Charlotte FC is all about complete with just the formalities of a medical pending.

There’s been a lot of fabricated lies being spread regarding Liel’s situation, and an agenda has been pushed that he was forced out due to being victimised in Glasgow by the Celtic supporters.

Some folk in Israel are claiming without any proof that Liel was the victim of verbal abuse by Celtic supporters on social media and in the streets. Incidentally those who are claiming this are from a state that is steeped in pushing false propaganda, so we shouldn’t really take their word on it. The first casualty of war is the truth and all that.

What there is proof of is that Liel has received numerous messages on social media from many folk in his homeland urging him and not in a polite way to leave Celtic. You can’t really blame him for wanting to leave the club especially when he still has family back home.

The good name of the Celtic supporters is being dragged through the mud by these false allegations. Liel has received nothing but support by everyone connected to the club during his entire time in Glasgow. Even during this difficult personal period he’s been going through, he received our full backing.

Liel knows this and it would be hurtful and disappointing if he were to say anything differently. He might stay quiet, he might not, but it will be interesting to see what he has to say about his time in Glasgow.

Let’s hope it’s the truth and not the total fabrication that his countrymen have been peddling.

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  1. We all know the reason for abda leaving the Palestinian flag waving at Celtic F.C has not only lost us a player that has scored so many important goals has brought him and his family pressure from Israeli not from any abuse in Glasgow yes those flying that flag has not just brought unwanted pressure from his homeland we will never see an Israeli player playing for Celtic again this political element that have attached them self to green brigade have brought Celtic into a conflict outside football it’s cost turmoil it’s took our thoughts away that I think players lost focus have lost games through it yes other things lately I have seen one or two these Palestinian flags at away games not at home games there will be a lot of supporters like me who are disgusted about these want to be political are displaying these things cause they know the have a tv audience if they done it anywhere else it would not get the coverage yes Celtic supporters will protest or support any wrong cause if it hurts or about our club but this has nothing to do with our club green brigade do a lot for charity as all supporters and Celtic FC we where founded for charity and entertainment on the field to much is happening on the terraces by a small number it sad I wish abda the best he was so happy at Celtic we have lost a player who on Sunday could have come on our squad compare to last season is diminished we had only two players Rodgers to change the team kyoko and but with ten men had to bring on a midfielder an 18yr old Mc Gregor injury but hearts are poor missing penalty was as bad as losing player we could have manage game a draw alright for hearts but not celtic even with ten men hearts would have to have come out and leave space at back we would have scored more with the space at back there support got a lift even though they couldn’t fill the seats after cutting away tickets a lot of empty seats your not as big a club as you make out not nearly poor business for a club desperate for money

  2. All I need to say is the lad left due to the idiotic banners displayed by certain so called fans.
    The issues abroad are nothing to do with Celtic, the banners should have no place in football.
    Should I have had the ability to play for celtic, I would also leave due to the inappropriate behaviour from the so called fans.

    • True but there not idiotic the have attached themselves to Celtic supporters cause of the live tv audience Celtic have worldwide