What possible reason could the SPFL have for delaying the post split fixture announcement?

Why the delay on the split fixtures? The SPFL have announced that they will NOT be releasing the details of the top six split fixtures until after theRangers play their re-arranged game with Dundee on Wednesday night, at either Dens Park of McDiarmid Park in Perth.

Dundee v Motherwell, Dens Park – 06 April 2024 Photo Russell Cheyne/Shutterstock

That has led to many a person ask why? And with good reason as all top six sides are now confirmed after Saturday’s results. It could have easily been decided from Saturday evening onwards with plans put in place. Even for the incompetent SPFL it wouldn’t have been that difficult.

This has left the governing body open to all sorts of accusations that they could easily avoided. Or do they have something to hide?

Given how reluctant they are to play the Glasgow Derby late in the split to avoid the controversy of a title decider, that fixture is always played in the first two rounds of fixtures, and with serval key Ibrox players a booking away from suspension it leaves them open to accusations of foul play, pardon the pun.

Neil Donacaster Photo: Andrew Milligan

So why are they waiting until after a match that will have no baring on the outcome of the top six to announce the fixtures? Just like the split itself, it doesn’t add up.

Celtic are due to have three home matches and two away to end the season with 19 matches home and away. And theRangers are due to have two home matches and three away to each the 19 home and 19 away total, Yet the Daily Record are pushing the story that Celtic will instead be given THREE away matches and only two at home.

That would give theRangers an unexpected title boost and it would short change 55,000 Celtic season ticket holders who have paid for 19 home matches in the Scottish Premiership. Is the Record merely trolling Celtic supporters? It wouldn’t be the first time would it?

Or perhaps there is an agenda at play here and they are putting the story out to suit the dastardly plan. It’s Scottish football so anything is possible.

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    • yeah you got it john if the rangers lose to dundee at the san siro its game over so the older firm game would be the second game in to get it out the way thats a predickshun from nostrildamus , martybhoy