What’s Wrong with Neil Lennon?

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I hate upsetting anyone but for the life of me, I don’t really see what’s wrong with Neil Lennon.

Why are supporters reluctant to give this man a chance?

Please don’t anyone try to tell me that the team was playing well under Brendan Rodgers until 26 February and then suddenly started playing badly under Neil Lennon. Neither of these two statements is true.

And in any case, Lennon did get us over the line in both competitions with a team that was not really his own. He surely deserves a chance with a team that is Neil Lennon’s, and I for one will back him to the hilt, and then perhaps a year from now, we can start to judge him.

Those of us who were at the Delaney ceremony yesterday, a huge gathering incidentally, were aware of how proud the Delaney family were and are of John Kennedy. And rightly so. John was a very effective link in that crucial week in late February when things might all have gone wrong – in both our trips to Edinburgh to Hearts and Hibs, and it was this week in Edinburgh that was the key week in our treble treble season.

Lennon and Kennedy between then picked up the demoralised players and the bewildered support and duly delivered the goods.

Indeed, although we must agree that the team needs to be “supplemented” (not “rebuilt” because things are nothing like as bad as all that, and look at these three trophies if you don’t believe me!), we are in a good place.

Those of us who can remember Mike Galloway, Brian Whittaker, Joe Filipi, Frank Munro, Hugh Maxwell and others possibly know what a poor Celtic team looks like. This is not one of them! Let’s enjoy summer 2019 and have a (brief) bask in the glory!

Benitez, Villas Boas, Mourinho, Moyes and loads more touted by the Press from time to time on bad days are not going to happen.

Neil Lennon is the man. He has probably matured since 2014 – he has certainly had his fair share of knocks – and he does understand Celtic, and he does know what it all means to the support.

Ah, but will he be “backed by the Board?” Yes, I think so, but if that “backed by the Board” phrase means the squandering of money for the sake of it, then I shudder.

We have had Boerrichter, Pukki, Scepovic to name but a few. “Supplementing” the team depends, not on the amount of money spent, but on the quality of player who arrives and his ability to adapt to the awesome task of playing for Celtic.

May I remind you that Henrik Larsson was bought for a lot less than a king’s ransom? I think we got our money’s worth out of him.

There is little doubt that Rangers are now stronger than they have been for some time. They are approaching the desperate stage in their attempt to stop “ten in a row”. It is up to us to stand up to them.

I honestly think that Lennon is the man to do it, but the supporters must be with him. Those who ask the question “Will he be backed by the Board?” must also ask the question “Will he be backed by the support? because the backing of the Board and of the supporters are of equal value.

After all, the bottom line must be the sheer love of the Celtic. Our European draw is on 10 June, I understand, and Scottish League fixtures are out on 21 June. I am looking forward to both.

David Potter


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