Where have we heard this song before? Celtic fans can sing along as Irish butcher ‘Hams it Up’

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QUITE possibly this is the best thing you’l see on the internet today. It’s from the Brady Family of Irish butchers and is promoting their lovely looking cooked meat, Brady Family Ham, which is very popular in Ireland.

Have a listen? That tune sounds a wee bit familiar though, wonder where they got it from?

Yes! It’s true! This brilliant campaign for Brady Family ham uses the Wolfe Tone’s ‘Come Out Ye Black and Tans’ theme tune to promote their ham product.

“Oh, Brady Family Ham, well it is your only man.

“Cured for three whole days and there’s no added water.

“Sure, it’s cooked from one pork joint, unlike others – that’s the point!

“It tastes just like the ham baked by your mother. Come out you other hams, come and face me ham-to-ham.”



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