Whisper it, but Bernabei played well at Easter Road

Whisper it, but Alexandro Bernabei had a decent game on Wednesday night against Hibs at Easter Road…

Hibernian v Celtic – Alexandro Bernabei of Celtic during the cinch Scottish Premiership match between Hibernian and Celtic at Easter Road on 7 February 2024. Photo Malcolm Mackenzie PSI

One of our most scrutinised and criticised players is Alexandro Bernabei. The Argentine hasn’t had the best to times since arriving at the club 18 months ago. There was an article on The Celtic Blog yesterday that stated that Bernabei was the most expensive signing in the Celtic line-up at Easter Road on Wednesday night.

Sandman in his brilliant Definitive Ratings for the game at Easter Road gave Bernabei a rating of 6.5/10 and had this to say about the Argentinian left-back:

“Ghod loves a trier, and (Bernabei) certainly is one – incessant willingness to get the ball and get at them. Carried us late in the game as coaching indoctrination stagnated our thrusts, yet the wee dude with the redneck wedge kept winding into the spaces and turning their lines; Didn’t know when he was beat; or moreso refused to be. Played, the gaucho kid.”

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Personally I don’t think he’s good enough. He can’t defend and he’s a little on the short side to play in our back four. Brendan Rodgers doesn’t appear to rate him too highly either as he tried to bring in Owen Beck from Liverpool and perhaps one or two other left back alternatives in the January window. If we did get Beck or a.n.other over the line in the January window, then I doubt Bernabei would still be at the club.

He is however still here, and with Greg Taylor missing through injury Bernabei has replaced him in his absence. Against Ross County and Aberdeen in the second half, I thought he looked poor, like most of the side to be fair, but on Wednesday night I thought he played well. Credit where it is due and all that.

I know you’re not allowed to say it this without being ridiculed on Celtic social media, but I thought he was one of our better players against Hibs. Some didn’t, but that just shows you the wide range of opinions that exist in football.

Hibernian v Celtic . Alexandro Bernabei of Celtic after the cinch Scottish Premiership match between Hibernian and Celtic at Easter Road on 7 February 2024. Photo Malcolm Mackenzie PSI

Bernabei for me showed great character and determination in the game at Easter Road. He didn’t hide and although his crossing ability was questionable, he gave his all and contributed to our narrow victory.

Maybe it’s just a run of games he’s needed as he hasn’t had that chance in his time at the club? Maybe as The Celtic Star suggested yesterday, a change of position or indeed formation could help make Bernabei into a better player for Celtic.

Greg Taylor will be back soon and will ultimately take the left back spot, but it’s good to know there is some good competition there in Bernabei for the remainder of the tough campaign ahead. And with all of our wingers in desperately poor form – for whatever reason – Brendan Rodgers may yet decide to look at playing Bernabei further up the pitch.


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  1. Rob O’Keeffe on

    Agree with Patrick,could be turned into an effective winger unlike Kuhn.Like his attitude and he is popular within the squad.BR might not rate him but his team picks are often flawed.

  2. He has heart, and seems a bit nuts, like a lot of Argentine players to be fair. I, like most others have written him off, but have had a feeling if he left us I would not be surprised if he went on to do well elsewhere. Maybe coming to a foreign country and having plenty of money in his pocket for the first time went to his head, being unable to get in the team will not have helped. Don’t think the fee we are reported to have paid for him has helped him 4 million ? if he had cost 500k there would not have been much expectation he would do well, and few would care or be surprised he has not done much. Hopefully he plays well on Sunday and he might get a run of games where he might prove near everyone wrong and he is a player after all.

  3. The lad needs a good run in the team I don’t know about Rodgers and some fans don’t rate him but Ange did not play him much also after he bought him was he a lawell buy .