Whisper it, but Celtic could be getting 2750 tickets for Ibrox

A few weeks ago we mentioned the dilemma facing theRangers and their support as their confidence in winning the title for the first time ever in front of their supporters started to grow. But there was something at the back of their minds as they looked at the remaining fixtures, and through their blue-tinted glasses they realised that there was a real problem that needed addressed.

Every week will be neck-and-neck now and there are likely to be dramatic moments and maybe some points unexpectedly dropped. However the big stand-out is this; both teams know that if they win all their games outside the Glasgow Derby, take the three points in their home game and get a draw away from home against their title rivals then they are guaranteed the title.

The entire problem with the Glasgow Derby ticket row started when an element of the theRangers support lobbied their board to restrict Celtic’s allocation from a full and free Broomloan Road stand to that dangerous little corner. There logic was this. Win their home games against Celtic, write-off getting anything at Celtic Park as a bridge too far and then it’s down to how they perform against the rest. That’s the only way that they could see back in 2018 to get any sniff of a title.

Of course they did get one, but it took the intervention of a global pandemic and they all sat watching in on their sofas. It’s just not the same as being there and we all understand that.

So back to this season. The next Glasgow Derby is at Ibrox, Celtic will refuse tickets for the corner as even theRangers have admitted that it is unsafe – after all seven Celtic supporters have been hit by glass missiles thrown by theRangers support. So if it’s a stand-off then there will be no Celtic supporters at this game – one theRangers are confident that they can win – and that means that for the return game there is zero chance that there will be any away tickets given to theRangers.

Remember they tried their best to get tickets for the game in December, Celtic point blankly refused and the SPFL didn’t want to get involved. Nor will they this time either.

So what if they are coming to Celtic Park after the split in May looking for a point that would effectively win them the title, in their eyes, and through their own actions they have denied themselves the opportunity to be their to witness what would be the greatest triumph in their new club’s history?

As you would expect, theRangers fans would be desperate to attend this game, and the ONLY way that they can make this happen is to alter the ticket arrangements for the game at Ibrox at the start of April.

And judging by this rumour that has emerged today, it looks like theRangers are going to offer Celtic 2750 tickets for this game, presumably with a similar number being offered to them for the game in May at Celtic Park. The image above shows Liverpool fans enjoying their night at Ibrox, anyone recall the scoreline?  That’s likely how things would look with us doing something similar at Celtic Park.

Having seen the tweet shown below we contacted a friend of a friend ‘across the barricades’ who has some insight into these matters across the city and there does indeed appear to be something in this.

“It’s true, it is being discussed” was the response that was indirectly relayed back to us. We have asked Celtic too but have heard nothing back yet. It’s also being openly discussed on their favourite forum, the one that started the whole thing, so it appears to have come full circle.

Have a look at this and make of it what you will…

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  1. Tell them no thanks. It is only to benefit themselves for the game at Celtic park, we have proved we can go there and win with no fans, they have not. Surely our club will see through it and chase them, tell them we will discuss it for next season. There might be another reason if they do offer a increased allocation. They know there will be Celtic fans who will want the tickets, and if the club refuse which is the smart thing to do it could cause a bit of animosity at a crucial time in the title race. Rest assured if that mob do make the offer, they think it is in THEIR interest to do so, no chance should we accept.

      • Full compliment or nothing.
        Bending to the dictatorship is not acceptable.
        The Rangers need to revert to full allocation, they are the ones who defaulted on the tickets, anything less than full allocation is just an insult and Bending to to their way.

        • I’ve been watching these games against old and new Rangers for 60 years. As a youngster I can remember beer bottles landing at my feet during the matches.. I was at the tragic Ibrox disaster game and 3 cup finals were the Rangers fans rioted,. I well remember the 1965 league cup final which we won 2-1, Rangers fans invaded the pitch when Celtic were doing the traditional lap of honour, it was this game that stopped to this day the full 360 lap of honour. The reason for saunter down memory lane is that while I understand the pundits view that the temperature of the atmosphere has diminished through the exclusion of the visiting support,, to be honest on a personal level I think that’s a price worth paying. Riots are mercifully a thing of the past hopefully) but I can’t say I miss having to listen to the noxious song repertoire of the Ibrox legions.. I long since decided never to go back to Ibrox, my appetite for the poisonous atmosphere has gone and I’ve actually enjoyed the stadium being full of our own support and having a party. Keep it so in my view.

  2. This is more clock bait shite that this site is absolutely famed for! the hun that posted this freely admitted later he hadn’t heard this from anyone in authority at the club and it was no more than a theory beimg touted about, do some due diligence before posting absolute shite like this please!

    • Not sure what clock bait is, Doug. As for the rumour, we checked with a contact as the article explains. We also said that it is a possibility and that it is being discussed over the road. If we didn’t get encouragement that there was something in the story we would not have published it on this site that prides itself on being the least clickbait site going…but feel free to head off elsewhere.

  3. Ah, the cheek of the embryo club, they know that chances are the final Glasgow derby at Paradise will effectively be a title decider and therefore want their thuggish fan’s at that game (as their record since starting this ticket fiasco has been diabolical) to improve their slim chance of victory……

    As Winston Ingram says “Get tae F**K”