Why Brendan Rodgers won’t walk away from Celtic

Brendan Rodgers won’t walk away from the Celtic job, the manager knew the score when he returned to the club last June…

Celtic manager Brendan Rodgers during the Cinch Scottish Premiership match between Celtic FC and Livingston FC at Celtic Park on December 23, 2023 (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

There’s been much speculation on social media regarding the future of Brendan Rodgers. Maybe speculation is the wrong word, it’s more like a massive overreaction by the more pessimistic section of our support.

Yes the doom and gloom merchants, we all know who they are. Don’t get me wrong I ain’t no ‘happy clapper’ myself, as you probably have already gathered! There is nothing wrong with making our voices heard when it comes to criticising the club when criticism is due and well deserved, nothing at all. Especially at the moment when it comes to our men who are once again asleep at the wheel.

But there has to be a line drawn somewhere and painting a constant picture of doom helps no one. Despite our concerns with the way the club is run at the moment, we are still top of the league, and in a strong position to retain our title.

Celtic manager Brendan Rodgers during the Cinch Scottish Premiership match between Celtic and Aberdeen at Celtic Park on November 12, 2023.. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

The man who is primarily responsible for our title charge this year is of course Brendan Rodgers. He’s a class act as he’s shown in a rather difficult campaign, where he’s had to coach his players to adapt to his style of football, while also navigating us through a bit of a sticky patch.

So to say Brendan is thinking of quitting is quite the take. When he returned to the club back in the summer he knew the conditions he would be working under and he stated that he saw this as a long term project for himself.

He knew the score and still does, he wouldn’t have committed himself to a three year deal (with a promise of more years to follow) if he didn’t see this as a long term project for him, the place where he would make his name as a top coach and football manager. To say otherwise is quite outrageous, and it’s speculation we can do without at the moment.

When the window closes we can all have our say then the attention has to turn to trips to Pittodrie and Easter Road where we must ensure that we take all six points.

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  1. To say BR ‘knew the score’ may be true up to a point but if he secured promises from DD (who apparently personally approached him at the time he agreed to come back) & the Board have not honoured those promises, then it’s a whole different story.
    We all know that BR & PL couldn’t stand each other before BR’s departure last time when it was obvious PL”s controlling nature & arrogant interference in everything played a part in the haste of BR’s departure.
    What’s to say PL hasn’t changed & harbours a machiavellian-type grudge?
    DD appears to be keeping his distance – apparently off playing golf today – but surely he must be aware of BR’s stated need for a couple of quality players?
    Of course, the Jan window is difficult but one has to question just what the scouts/recruitment team have been doing since the summer to identify & sound out possibilities, since BR asked for qualty to be brought in & it’s been known that we needed another left back + back-up for the players being away in Jan/Feb.

    • Rodgers has sucked the life out of the team, the football is awful especially at home, he contradicts himself constantly. The board don’t deserve much credit but Rodgers shouldn’t get a free pass either. Decision to bring him back sums up the lack of ambition at the club.

  2. Martin Blackshaw on

    Well, I don’t rate Brendan Rodgers as a manager for the modern game, proven by his failure at Leicester City. But if you want to know the substance underlying all that “doom and gloom” with some of the more observant fans, it’s not so much in yet another poor transfer window as in a manager who has supplanted Ange’s dynamic football with a negative and depressing play style which has dismantled the goal maching we call Kyogo.

    If the most recent Ross County game was anything, it was a wake-up call, as was the loss to Killie in the cup, the draw with Hibs & Motherwell, the loss to hearts and the draw with St. Johnstone, that Brendan Rodgers is no Ange Postecoglu and that he (Rodgers) is more of a concern for fans going into the second half of the season than the absence of quality recruitment. Oh yes, there is plenty to be doom & gloom about with this man at the helm, determined to push the same negative footballing philosophy. Obviously, the failure of the Board to add quality to the team is a major concern as well, as is Rodgers’ consistent defence in th emedia of their indefensible money hoarding.

    You’re right though, Brendan won’t walk away because he is the benficiary of a monster salary and that will always entice him to hang on in there. But make no mistake, unless this man gets Kyogo back on form with a reversion back to the dynamic style that worked so well under Ange, then there is every chance that Rangers under Clement will surge ahead in their new-found enthusiasm and end Celtic’s dominance in the league. The team is stale right now and we’re unsure what kind of performance we’re going to get from week to week. We never had that under Ange, but it has been omnipresent with Rodgers.

    I’ll end by saying that if he loses the league to Rangers this year then his walking away will no longer be a cause for debate. He’ll be sacked, as will, we hope, the Lawwells. No one wants it to come to that but £60 million in Champions League money will be down the drain by then, together with Kyogo’s mojo.

    • No more of the ” Aussie”! For God’s sake Brendan is the most successful manager in modern times especially at our club not ” Ange” who by the way was taking zoom calls from April begging for that job down there tho he was even on their radar he begged for it!! live in Sydney and it was being reported here! So geez; fp! About that guy! Sick hearing that clowns name and he left us with crap guys like tilo who we gave a 5 year deal and he already back here so we made that dummy a rich man!! As he never be back!Postocoglu has landed us with loads of these losers!! So shut it!

  3. WTF?, the depression comes from the bare facts, not from doom mongering. With the team Ange had built was it not obvious that all we needed was a couple of weak spots filled and we could have quite the team, maybe even move up a level?. When we let Juranovic and Giamakis go was it not obvious we needed replacements, same with Jota and Mooy?. Did the new manager not come in and say we needed 4 quality signings?. Do we not have over £70 million in the bank, with more tens of £ millions to come from this years champions league?.
    To have realistic football ambitions for your football team( not business), with realistic expectations , all based on bare facts , is not doom mongering, and neither is pointing out dereliction of duty, or failure to do one’s jobs properly.

  4. Martin Blackshaw on


    On the point of Rodgers’ acknowleding that he needed to add quality players, a journalist has just revealed that he and some other journalists spoke with Rodgers, who admitted back in the summer that he needed 6 quality players, ie., 4 to improve the team and 2 to replace Jota and Giakomakas. The journailist (whose name I can’t remember) said he asked Rodgers if he had mentioned his needs to the Board and Rodgers replied “No”.

    The journalist in question was astounded by this answer and wondered why he was telling them but not the Board. He finishes his article by stating that it is basic communication at any club to tell the directors what is needed and let them relay that to the recruitment department. The fact that Rodgers hasn’t even informed the Board of his requirements, much less demand what he needs, as Ange would have, speaks volumes about Rodgers ability as a manager, or at the very least his fidelity to the team and the fans. He’s nothing more or less than a bought mouthpiece in the pockets of the directors.