Why Eredivisie’s €180 million a year TV deal leaves Scottish football trailing

Eredivisie type deal for Scottish football? Get your head out of the clouds…

The news that the Dutch Eredivisie just signed a €180 million a year TV deal is a major topic of discussion on social media among Scottish football supporters.

In hearing of the massive deal for the Dutch, supporters of the Scottish game have been vocal in voicing their opinion as to why we can’t get the same sort of deal for our own game. It’s simple really, as much as the incompetent SPFL continually undersell our game, they are never going to negotiate a fee that big with anyone. Anyone thinking that has their head placed very firmly in the clouds.

We will never get anywhere near the sort of deal the Dutch negotiated. Why? Well for one, their standard of football is far superior to ours. Not to mention the Netherlands is three times the size of Scotland in population. The amount of talent the Dutch produce that play at the top level in Europe is proof of that.

Also the Dutch league has three or four teams who all have a realistic chance of winning the title,  a bit like the Scottish Premier League in the 1980s, that all equates to an eye watering television deal.

ALKMAAR – lr Kyogo Furuhashi and  Yukinari Sugawara during the Europa League play-offs match between AZ Alkmaar and Celtic FC at the AFAS stadium on August 26, 2021 in Alkmaar, Netherlands. VI ANP Sport ANP IV

It only furthers the cause for Celtic to leave Scotland and join another league set up such as England or a European super league. Realistically that doesn’t look like happening anytime soon, so it makes it all the more important we qualify for the champions league on a regular basis.

If it were to happen, it begs the question, what would happen to the rest of the Scottish top flight? The supporters of teams outwith Celtic and theRangers always proclaim a league without the big two would flourish in our absence. If Scottish football can’t attract top dollar when the two Glasgow giants are here, how do they expect it to happen without us?

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