Will Reporting Scotland cover the vile ‘Smash a Fenian Day’ story?

REPORTING SCOTLAND last night had a worrying report about a rise in anti-Muslim racism after it emerged that online trolls down south were posting material urging fellow racists to ‘punish a Muslim’.

This was not directly linked to Scotland in any way other that the viral effect of social media meant that it had caused fear and alarm in the Muslim community and rightly politicians were lining up to condemn these racists, who seem to have become emboldened in recent times.

BBC Scotland’s flagship news programme, which is currently celebrating it’s 50th Anniversary will therefore be very interested in covering a follow up story which this time is much closer to home.

Scottish politicians have been receiving this vile message, announcing SMASH A FENIAN Day for 1 May 2018.

The SNP Scottish Parliament  member took to social media to expose these racist bigots.

“So I’ve just been emailed this. Any others of my colleagues received it? Don’t worry about it, it’s just stupid Wee keyboard warriors who are always tougher from the safety of their bedrooms. Nothing is going to happen. Trust me.”

Fellow MSP, the Transport Minister Humza Yousaf also spoke out about the shock email, saying that it was  “Shocking. Vile stuff. All it takes is one person to act upon this and folk will get hurt. Pleased James Dornan has reported to the Police.”

 The transport minister has been in the news recently after himself being the subject of racist remarks from an Ayrshire local councillor.  This story, understandably,  has been given widespread coverage in Reporting Scotland.
The remarks from the labour councillor were clearly wrong and had racist undertones in them and we condemn them completely.
However there was no threat of violence. Smash a Fenian Day is something on a completely different level.
This is happening right here, right now in Scotland in 2018. How will Reporting Scotland, with all of its 50 years experience on covering the news in Scotland, handle this story this today?
We will be watching.

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  1. Is it not ironic that these deranged people are convinced that we, with the Irish connection, have full control of local government , the media and of course the SFA, This type of sectarian behaviour can be extremely dangerous if not aggressively tackled head on with arrests, but of course we don’t have control of the Police (yet ) lol. My regards to Jim Craig and Elisabeth, it’s been a long time since we have met up, but pg we may manage over some time next season.