With Liel Abada it’s hard to say what’s worse, his form or his attitude

What’s the story with Liel Abada?

Liel Abada yet again has the Celtic supporters questioning his future at the club following the match at Easter Road last night against Hibs. And not for the first time since his return from injury Abada headed straight up the tunnel at full time and was absent as the rest of the players took the acclaim of the supporters, the ones who pay significant sums of money to support the team and ultimately pay the players’ wages.

There is clearly something wrong with Liel Abada regarding his relationship with the Celtic supporters, it doesn’t take a genius to recognise that or to figure out what it cold be all about. Without going into all the details, we all know the reasons why. I sympathise with Liel like all Celtic supporters do, but his refusal to acknowledge the supporters is not the cleverest thing to do.

Liel Abada reacts after missing a scoring chance. Celtic v Buckie Thistle, Scottish Cup, Celtic Park, 21 Jan 2024 Photo Stuart Wallace Shutterstock

We can all respect Liel’s allegiances to his country, he’s a patriotic guy, that’s fine, but he too has got to respect the opinions of the Celtic supporters who pay his wages. It’s a two way street. The support has acted superbly towards Abada since his return, despite his lack of match sharpness and subdued form.  No Celtic supporter at all holds anything against the player for what is happening in Gaza. His own views on that conflict is not been held against him by the support yet it appears that he is not prepared to afford the wider Celtic support the same consideration.

It’s obvious that certain individuals from his country are influencing his thinking. That’s not just speculation as a number of Israeli players in other leagues have faced the same pressures from their homeland regarding the current climate.

Celtic v Buckie Thistle – Liel Abada in action during the Scottish Cup match at Celtic Park on Sunday January 21, 2024. Photo Andrew Milligan

The Celtic supporters have been nothing but welcoming to Liel since his return to the side, the standing ovation he received when he made his comeback at Celtic Park against Buckie Thistle is testament to that. He’s been made very welcome here and always has been, (“We’ve got Abada he’s on the wing,”)  but snubbing the Celtic supporters is just asking for bad feeling.

And it’s not just his refusal to acknowledge the supporters, it’s also the matter of his form since he came back from injury. To say he looks disinterested would be an understatement. His antics last night when he came off the bench and after the final whistle when everyone in the Celtic camp – except Abada – celebrated what looked like a significant victory, has certainly got the Celtic supporters talking about him.

That’s a recipe for disaster. We are a club welcome to all, but we don’t take too kindly to players who refuse to give their all in a Celtic shirt.

3rd February 2024 Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen, Scotland Scottish Premiership Football, Aberdeen versus Celtic Liel Abada of Celtic on the ball.  ActionPlus. Photo Vagelis Georgariou

If Liel wants to leave that’s fine, but he’s got to give one hundred percent on the pitch until he inevitably leaves the club. Meanwhile he should set about earning the substantially increased pay-packet following on from the new contract he was happy to sign just a few months ago.

While he’s here we will give him our backing all we are asking for is his best efforts on the park and perhaps some courtesy towards the support as a bonus. But he’s got to produce the goods on the park to justify a place in Brendan Rodgers’ team and when he gets on he should be prepared to acknowledge the supporters.

Anything less won’t be tolerated for much longer.

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  1. Mark Hutchison on

    I can’t believe your article.
    You appear to be totally unaware of the pressure he and his family are under by continuing to play for Celtic. Try and think about it. Imagine there is a picture taken of Abada celebrating in front of the Celtic support. How do you think that will play to a domestic Israeli audience.? Remember they believe they are in a war. This would have an impact on Abada and his family.. Why don’t you try and think of a wider perspective and not just a Celtic perspective. He is doing exactly the right thing as it means he will not be vilified in his own country. We do not need him under any more pressure than he currently is.
    Try and think before you write and publish these type of articles

    • A lot of footballers Ukrainians etc are having to play with their countries at war.
      I have never been convinced that Abada is the real deal.
      Blows hot and cold at the best of times.
      I hope he proves me wrong.
      Hail Hail

  2. Martin Blackshaw on

    It’s probably a foregone conclusion that Liel Abada will leave in the summer. He has come under a lot of pressure from people of note in Israel who have irresponsibly used him as a pawn to generate propaganda. That having been said, I don’t see how Abada could continue since the Red Brigade more or less accused his country of being a criminal State. They’re the idiots who started the downward trend and they’ll always cost Celtic as long as they continue to infiltrate the terraces. He was a great prospect for Celtic, a potential goldmine, but he does now have to leave I think.

    • Clown shoe! Comment ” ref brigade” pathetic ,,! Best keeping your thoughts to yourself Mr clown

        • Why does he need to acknowledge the support during this situation in his country, as said before he is under pressure from sources in Israel, and he came on and done twice as much as our new signing Kuhn, who was in a word “shite” give wee Abada a break…🍀

      • Eugene McElhinney on

        He’s between a rock and a hard place as we know but there has to be a more tactful compromise from him than completely ignoring the support. He has never been a smiler so don’t know if he is totally unhappy or just his normal serious ( slightly morose ) self.
        Can’t expect miracles after lengthy lay off but he has to produce more than he has done. Not good enough at the moment.

    • Liel Abada can behave how he wishes based on his personal feelings. Calling him out on his perceived poor behaviour is a two way streak. You reap what you sow. Simple as.

  3. Perhaps he was caught short.lol
    Attitude and form terrible.
    Should not be in squad if BR can’t get him thinking straight.
    Doing himself no favours re transfer interest.
    Kyogo Pride has been hurt.Japan did select him.
    Defenders have rumbled how to deal with him.
    Hopefully Idah will assist him in getting his mojo back.
    Hail Hail.

  4. Brendan got to leave him out of squad he no interested even watch back to Aberdeen the offside goal, the one he should buried befored Palma! Anyway as players went to fans he hid behind and put his head down when all players went to celebrate with fans! Get him gone!!Can’t be having this guy here with his attitude regardless of why he must not play again! We need all hands on the pump and guys showing the fight that Ralston did for the kego move at the penalty ! This the minimum we need from everyone he not going give that with his face tripping him, also while fans have encouraged him to! Nah he got to go now! As in never play again we should moved him out last week even on loan not a good situation having him at our great club as we go for this double

  5. It’s never a great thing in football mixing politics we are a football club I wish some of the fans just support the team keep all this flag waving out of it you can support all other things outside the stadium that’s your choice .The Jewish boy may have family or friends killed or injured or hostages likely will go in the summer maybe better to leave him out of if he has lost heart with all this at present.

  6. I have to say, if I was Abada, facing the anti Jewish bike from the troglodytes in the green brigade, I’d be off. I doubt if most of them even know where Palestine is!!
    Bigger issue is the manager has amassed a battalion of wingers and not one of them can cross a ball!! Not one!