Woe Betide You Barry, Gerrard’s Pittodrie rant, now 68 games since conceding a penalty

The continuing harassment of Barry Robson is typical of the spineless SMSM…

The Scottish mainstream media continue to hound Aberdeen Manager Barry Robson over his comments on match officials after what he perceives to be inconsistent behaviour on their part, especially when it involves theRangers.

Scottish Sun’s ‘Stop Moaning’ Headline – “Rangers legend calls out Barry Robson over penalty complaints and tells raging Aberdeen boss ‘sort your players out’ 

Daily Record’s headline – Barry Robson Rangers penalty jibe puts pressure on Viaplay Cup final ref as Aberdeen boss slammed for comments

Here’s what Barry Robson said after the latest ‘Penalty to Rangers’ incident:

“For me it doesn’t look good, another VAR decision going Rangers’ way in the 90th minute again. It took them long enough (to make the VAR decision). Stefan got blocked. I think you all saw that but obviously VAR have not bothered looking at that and have just looked at the pull of the shirt. We are in trouble if this is the way it is going aren’t we?” Barry Robson

So for the SMSM to have a pop at him is very strange. That is his opinion, and whether you agree with him or not, he is entitled to it, as we all are. What Barry said isn’t outrageous or far fetched, he has a perfectly valid point and the facts are there for all to see.

Remember also Steven Gerrard’s comments after his first taste of league football in Scotland? Ironically enough also at Pittodrie Gerrard alleged that Scottish officials had it in for theRangers for years. Where was the outrage from the media? Quite simply there wasn’t a peep.

Remember theRangers complained about Willie Collum? The outcome? He wasn’t allowed to officiate in a game involving the Ibrox side for six months afterwards. Silence again from the media.

And the last time they had a penalty given against them – 68 league matches ago – again up at Pittodrie – theRangers wrote a furious eight point letter to the Scottish FA to express their outrage at the penalty ( it was a penalty by the way). The outcome of that letter is there for all to see – zero penalties ever since against theRangers.

There’s many other examples, but you get the gist. The SMSM like the match officials are incompetent and inconsistent in their handling of a certain 2012 formed football club. They aid and abet this blatant cheating and woe betide anyone, such as Barry Robson, who calls it out.

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  1. Or as the HEAD of digital sport ( the Rangers ) at Newsquest in Scotland calls Barry Robson – Barry Robison ! That’s right , the HEAD typist of a media outlet’s department for sport cannot spell a surname correctly ! It begs the question as to who gave McFarlane the job in the first place and …WHY ?