‘We won the league for Doyle,’ an emotional day in Paradise

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SATURDAY 15 MAY 1982 was a tense but ultimately joyful day at Celtic Park as Celtic before 39,669 fans clinch their second League Championship in a row.

All Celtic really have to do is draw, but if they lost and Aberdeen beat Rangers 4-0, the Dons would win the League. At half-time with the score at Celtic Park 0-0, fans heard with consternation that the score at Pittodrie was indeed Aberdeen 4 Rangers 0 – talk about lying down to the Dons eh?

Amidst mutterings about “conspiracy” and “fix” mingled with a few bizarre cheers urging the Dons to score even more, Celtic at last took charge on the field and George McCluskey scored in the 62nd minute followed by a second from Tom McAdam before George McCluskey scored again and the party got into full swing.

The Jungle showed it’s absolute class that afternoon, singing ‘We won the league for Doyle”. Here are the highlights:

We’d like to hear from you today about this game in 1982. Where you there? What did you think when you heard the half-time score from Pittodrie? What were your overall memories of watching Celtic in the 1981-82 season?
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