Would Ange Postecoglou leave Celtic to take the Spurs job?

Will Ange leave for Spurs? Never say Never, but he would be daft to leave Celtic for London…

The rumour mill has been rife the past twenty four hours amid wild speculation regarding Ange Postecoglou after it emerged he’s a target for the Tottenham Hotspur hot seat. This is not a new thing and he seems to be linked to every position that becomes available in the EPL.

This time there seems to be more substance to these rumours after spurs number one target Arne Slot apparently turned them down, or if other reports are to be believed, it was more a case of the compensation involved in any deal to bring the Dutchman to London.

Ange Postecoglou Unveiling – Celtic Park Celtic new manager Ange Postecoglou poses for a photo at Celtic Park Glasgow. Picture date: Friday June 25, 2021. Photo: Jeff Holmes

It has been reported by a few viable outlets that Ange is a top contender for the job and he’s also now the bookies favourite ironically alongside the one and only Brendan Rodgers.

Will Ange leave us? I’m confident he will stay, but you can never say never. Folk are obviously comparing him to Brendan Rodgers, but Ange on the surface seems to have more integrity than the Irishman. He gives off the aura that he gets the club and the supporters. There has not been a connection between a manager and supporters at the club for many a year.

This makes it even more imperative that the club seek out a long term deal for the Aussie. Offer him a bumper contract and get him to commit his future. He has unfinished business at the club and he has a chance to make history with our football club.

His talent would be wasted at a club like Spurs. The manger’s position there is very much a poisoned chalice and they won’t be in the running for any silverware or champions league football any time soon. Ange can achieve all that at Celtic, let’s hope he feels the same.

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  1. David Potter on

    Ange would be an absolute fool to even consider that Managers’ graveyard called Tottenham Hotspur. An underperforming club with high expectations, but they haven’t won anything for well over a decade, and a tradition, as it seems to me, of players deliberately under-performing if they don’t like the Manager.
    I wonder what advice Brendan Rodgers would give him?

    • An underperforming club with high expectations………..the. same situation as it was when Ange arrived at Celtic Park.Wonder what advice Rodgers gave him then? Did some of our players not deliberately underperform when Ronny was the manager?

  2. Rabbie Burns on

    It’s not happening. There is no offer. It’s made up nonsense, as usual. The media just pick out the usual suspects and then they go back and say, “See, we told you so!” – but, conveniently miss out the other 10 ppl they said. Ange is building something here, and wants to do well in the Cl, THAT is where his stock can really rise throughout the world. Ange does a good job for us in the CL, he’s wrote his ticket for life and can then go to any country. This Spurs stuff is Scottish media (theRangers minded) driven nonsense. Brendan Rodgers will get Spurs job, will fit in there prefectly. Ange would not leave all the Japanese lads etc high and dry so soon. Forget it, he’s here for a while and we can all be glad of that!
    PS. Strange how Michael Beale, the messiah, not been said in ANY story for ANY other team ever though, eh?

  3. The Premier League is a bigger stage and you exploit the market when your stock is at it’s peak. He’s won everything in Scotland and enhanced his reputation with the brand of football he delivers and how he connects with the fan base. There are pros and cons to every job but Spurs are a huge club and a huge challenge. He might fancy having a crack at it.

    It will be interesting to see what he decides to do at this point.

    • They have an owner manager’s find hard to work with. They have won next to nothing this century. Ange stays at Celtic and makes on impact in the Champions League, maybe getting through to the knock-out rounds this autumn and his stock rises even higher. He has stability and security at Celtic and has already said we’ll be surprised at how long he plans to stay at Celtic. A younger manager might jump at the chance to go from Scottish football to the Premier League and remember in Australia the Premier League is massive and Scottish football only recently noticed because of Ange. But the Celtic manager might not fancy swapping a stable board where he is regarded highly and as a key decision maker at the club with the situation at Tottenham. Can you name a manager who has gone there and not regretted it?