Yesterday the so-called ‘In the Know’ Celts were hung out to dry

YESTERDAY was a bad day for the so-called ‘In the Know’ Celtic supporters who well and truly got their fingers burnt for passing on the snippets of information that had apparently been fed to them.

Let’s assume that it was fed to them and they all just didn’t decide to make it all up. That theory isn’t even worth exploring as an option as Brendan Rodgers himself contributed greatly to the Kieran Tierney to Everton story/non story though the detailed interview he gave on the subject in Austria on Sunday.

There is a small group of Celtic supporters who Peter Lawwell uses to reach out to the support. Fair enough. Some have even signed confidentiality agreements with the club so anything significant you read has been completely filtered and is exactly what the Chief Executive wants you to read.

Some not all. That’s important.

Beyond this group, who are mostly from the longer established Celtic online blogging community, there are a number of posters on Celtic sites and on Twitter, who also have their ears to the ground at Celtic Park and have proven contacts in the Celtic boardroom.

One is Barcabhoy who we mentioned earlier in the week. After David Potter, the respected Celtic author and historian, wrote a heart felt, rather OTT, plea to Celtic not to sell Kieran Tierney to Everton, Barcabhoy outlined the reasons why the player could be sold to a Premier League club.

He noted that the player would get a 500% increase in salary and that the move would be life changing for the player. He stated that the information he had was that the player wanted to go and Celtic, in the circumstances, were powerless to stop him. What would be the point in keeping an unhappy player?

Over on E-Tims and on their Twitter accounts, things were getting even more emotional. They had reason to believe that KT was being sold to Everton or if they didn’t have their reasons then you have to ask what the hell was going on with them?

Celtic Underground, who recently sat down with Peter Lawwell to interview him for their podcast – the Celtic Chief Executive got his message out in a friendly environment, carefully selected. Asking the questions was one of the bloggers mentioned above, Harry Brady (that’s not his real name incidentally).

Anyway Celtic Underground – clearly ITK – also tweeted at the start of the week that we should brace ourselves for bad news on KT.

There is one poster on a Celtic forum, who only posts very occasionally, but it is usually insightful and accurate information – he was first to state that Moussa Dembele would be joining Celtic from Fulham – and he too stated the same thing as ALL of the above re KT and Everton.

David Potter had another rant. Mike Maher, another esteemed Celtic writer – had an article on Dalglish leaving Celtic for Merseyside in 1977 and the impact that it had on our club. These were merely opinion pieces from respected figures within the Celtic support.

Then totally out of the blue, an article appeared that seemed to contradict just about everything that had been written on this Tierney to Everton story since Sunday.

There was no bid, Celtic don’t want a bid, the player is staying blah blah blah.

Just before that there was a newspaper story down south linking Everton to another left back playing in France and the price was around £15million. No idea if that has any significance on the Tierney story/ non-story.

Someone posted that E-Tims credibility was now at 0%.

Every ITK poster must now tread a little more cautiously. Who gave them the information that was apparently entirely wrong? Why did Brendan Rodgers go into this matter in such great detail at the weekend?

Why were the ITK supporters hung out to dry?

It doesn’t add up. But if it means Kieran Tierney is staying at Celtic then at least we have got a happy ending to what was an uncomfortable situation for many people who simply has Celtic at heart – including most importantly, KT himself.

E-Tims has loads of credibility BTW.

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