“You can put two and two together” – Pundit seems to miss the obvious point on Odsonne Edouard’s form

There are certain players over the club’s history who have put in questionable effort before smelling a transfer and suddenly upping their levels, but you wouldn’t put Eddy in that category.

He’s still on track to deliver his highest ever goal return in a season and he’s looked brilliant in recent weeks, so it’s led to the inevitable accusations that it’s just because he wants a summer move.

Football Insider recently spoke to Danny Mills about the prospect of this, but he does seem to brush over a pretty important part in Eddy’s season:

“Players always have their own individual motives about where they want to go and what they want to do. Sometimes, we’ve seen it before, the last 10 games of the season suddenly they’re fit, they’re strong and in really good form.

You can put two and two together… If he wants a move that’s the only way he can get it. Is it right or is it wrong? You can argue about the semantics of that all day long. At the moment, Celtic just appreciate the fact that he’s doing well.”

It’s weird to suggest that the only way of getting a move is to excel in the final few games of a season, as I’m sure we can all agree that there would be even more interest if he had played blisteringly well in every single game.

The fitness is the biggest issue for him and he was forced to either miss games earlier in the year or you could see that something wasn’t quite right, but you can’t blame a player for not doing well if they’re injured.

Eddy also indicated that his main reason for staying this season was to help the team secure 10IAR, so you would think the opposite would be true and he would’ve downed tools and preserved himself for a summer move if that was really his motivation.

Perhaps he does move on this summer and it would be well deserved when you look at how good he’s been, but it seems incredibly disingenuous to suggest he’s been hiding and suddenly burst into life in an attempt to secure a transfer.

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  1. he has had to isolate twice due to covid and had a thigh injury so to have missed 37 days and still be the top scorer in the league at 15 goals is incredible. who knows how the league would have went if he had not been unavailable due to covid guidelines …