You traded mediocrity for immortality – Never a fraud, always a Celt

Disappointing stuff from The Green Brigade earlier today, this is surely not the time for division. They could have re-arranged the wording on their 2019 Tynecastle banner to read something like this…





The North Curve aka the Green Brigade made their feelings pretty clear on the reappointment of Brendan Rodgers today.

They tweeted a picture of that banner from 2019 just after Rodgers left us for Leicester. The Banner of course read ‘You traded immortality for Mediocrity, never a Celt always a fraud,’ but perhaps the amended version we’ve rather helpfully provided them with above would have been more appropriate today. They can use it anytime they like.

It was a fair description of Brendan’s departure and one hundred percent factual, no one is disputing the statement, but to bring it up today is helping no one but our detractors who as we know fine well, need no ammunition to have a go at us.

If you were unfortunate enough to be supporter of theRangers then the Green Brigade’s message on the news that Brendan Rodgers – a manager that they fear – is returning to Celtic would be the only crumb of comfort. United we stand, divided we fall and all that.

The North Curve are well within their rights to make their feelings known, and hopefully that is all it is and their unhappiness with Brendan isn’t a regular occurrence. They will have made their point and now as a support we should be giving our manager our support.

We need to all get behind Brendan Rodgers and his players going into the new season. We need to all be united in our quest to have another successful season. We all want the same thing, so we all need to be singing from the same hymn sheet, quite literally. This isn’t the time for differences.

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  1. NC bhoys are just like David Attenborough … they know a snake when they see one

  2. Jim O'Rourke on

    I am in the against him coming back but Ive always been a believer to keep our disgruntlement inhouse rather than letting our haters see that we’re divided using platforms like Celtic star as way of expressing my opinion. Hopefully once the season starts and we start winning games and holding on to the trophies people like myself will feel better about the appointment.

  3. Brendan left as he did not get his own players, Peter Lawell signed complete Duff players that did not improve the team.
    Lawell was trying to fill his pockets with bonus money sell ons, so Brendan couldn’t do any more.
    The evidence is there for all to see the following season when Lawell Lennon combination LOST 10 in a row.
    All I ask from Brendan is to use less possession tactics and get some shots in, Ange was doing exactly the same, you can pass pass pass all day and not score, only to Lose to a break away, so get shots in and be ready to follow through on rebounds.

  4. Neily McCormick on

    They need to direct their ire at the real culprit for why it ended the way it did last time….Peter Lawell not Brendan. If Lawell had lived up to his responsibilities by paying Hibs asking price for John McGinn ( who was desperately waiting for the phone call from Celtic) and putting the funds necessary for a real go at progressing in Europe, Brendan would never have bailed mid season.

    • Agree absolutely.Maginn the one that got away.
      Brendan like Ange left the team in a good place to further their own careers as they are professionals.
      Suggest the NC/GB give up their briefs if they can’t support Rodgers.
      Who would they have picked as manager?
      Que sera,sera.
      Hail Hail.

      • They give their tickets up there goes 50% of the atmosphere . They make the noise and the rest hang on to their coat tails. However if they have bought tickets they are entitled to do with them whatever they please. Most of the ones who couldn’t wait to get their hands on him then are now blowing kisses to him. Ah! Who would they have picked as manager? It depends on whether the list of names is based on who is a mate of DD or a real unbiased list.