Brendan’s solidarity with the supporters could have consequences

Brendan showing his solidarity with the supporters, but how will it affect his relationship with the board?

Yesterday’s pre match press conference with Brendan Rodgers was a highly anticipated one, more so than usual due to the bitterly disappointing January transfer window.

Brendan like the supporters was craving quality additions and like us he would have been hugely disappointed just like the rest of us. So all eyes and ears were on him yesterday as he answered questions on that particular subject, and he didn’t disappoint.

He agreed with the supporters that we should have been looking to get in a better quality of player. “I would go with what supports think” he said, before adding “we could be a little braver in terms of bringing in another level of player but that’s up to me to try to fix that”

But he also put a more balanced side to it by saying “the club have worked very hard to try to improve the squad, so there can be no fingers pointed in that direction”. Brendan is obviously trying to please both sides of the fence, but he’s bound to have ruffled a few feathers of those in charge about his comments about being a ‘bit braver’.

That was obviously a cute dig at those in charge. Time will tell if they’ve took his words on board or use it to crucify him.

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  1. Brian McAllister on

    Give it a rest with this conspiracy shite now. We’ve games to focus on. The Huns will be loving this endless discord generated by bloggers like yourself. Fucking button it for 5 minutes and focus on positives.

  2. Yeah usual reporter trying to make a mountain out of a mole hill Rodgers is well aware every word yes word is scrutinised so it can be shaped and twisted to mean the way reporter wants it taking single sentence from what he says highlighted without hearing the whole statement can make it read so different that’s not good reporting that’s trying to cause mischief you seem to have grievances against Rodgers or board or both and try to make Rodgers say it for you which you listened to Rodgers he’s bot blaming or siding its Celtic we get it

  3. This is the kind of speculation that anyone could conjure up after a few pints down the pub. Give it a rest.