The Celtic Star’s first ever fan of the week is Michael Reid

THE CELTIC STAR has been busy over the past few while putting the new site and our very own Celtic team together. We have one guy who has pulled a few teeth in his time and won a medal or two kicking a ball. The Celtic State of Mind Podcast Bhoys bring the best Celtic interviews and chat and some wonderful music too.

And another fine addition to the team is Scotty Alcroft who is making a name for himself as a reporter and interviewer of Celtic stars and supporters. He’s tracked down Victor Wanyama, Brian McClair and many other former players over the past few months and hasn;t forgotten the supporters either, launching his Fan of the Week series which will now be a regular feature on The Celtic Star.

The Celtic Star? This is how it feels…

The first ever #FanOfTheWeek #10IAR on The Celtic Star is Michael Reid.

Over to Scotty to put the questions to Michael…

Next up for our Fan Of the Week feature on The Celtic Star is Mick Reid. Mick is a 42 year old father of 4, a master pike angler and BBQ king. He can hold his own at the bar when others are buying. He’s been in love with Celtic for the past 30 years and seen some truly great things at Celtic Park over the years and he hopes to witness a lot more. You can follow Mick on Twitter @mickreid

What’s your first memory of Celtic?

My first memory of Celtic was the 1985 cup final. I think it was one of the Dundee sides, not sure which one but I know Celtic won 2-1 that day. Someone in my street put their TV in the front garden for people to watch, it was like a garden party only Shameless Style, the adults were drinking tins of Charger and Kestrel.

What was the first game you went to?

First game I ever went to see was in the Centenary year. Celtic were home to Motherwell and won 4-1 that day.

Who are your top 3 favourite Celtic players and why?

My favourite 3 players over the years? It took some thinking about it but here goes…Andy Walker, Lubo Moravcik and Scott Brown.

It took some thinking about Scott Brown but over the last 10 years I have watched him mould himself into the foundations of Celtic. His enthusiasm, his energy, his hunger, his leadership and the way he’s has put these players with big egos in their place such as Diouf and Barton, well Broony has completely won me over.

Best game you’ve ever seen involving Celtic in your time?

The best game I have ever watched was Celtic v Juventus in the Champions League. I was sitting about five rows behind the front when Del Piero put that free kick in the back of the net. But after that free kick went in some 20 stone bloke beside me shouts at Rab Douglas, you let another free kick in from that position don’t bother coming out in the 2nd half. Rab didn’t even turn around but he put his hand up to acknowledge him.

Worst game you’ve ever seen involving Celtic in your time?

I remember Celtic playing Hearts at Celtic Park and having a 2-0 lead we lost the game, I don’t know how but we did and that was the end of John Barnes.

Can you pick your best ever Celtic X1 from what you’ve had the pleasure of witnessing?


Boyd, Van Dijk, Balde and Tierney

McStay, Moravcik, Brown and McGeady

Walker and Larsson

Can you tell us a funny story or a surreal moment from your time supporting the Hoops?

I was about 14 years old back then and in those days people were allowed to bring alcohol on the bus. The bus did its pick ups and we headed for the boat. Anyway we got to Larne, got on the boat over to Stranraer, got on the bus and everything was going well until about 15 minutes into the trip to Glasgow when one of the adults asked me to hold his bottle of Olde English Cider. No problem I said. So for about 2 hours I held his bottle of cider and during those 2 hours I must have asked him about a dozen times do you want your cider mate? Aye I will get it off you in a wee minute kid. This kept going on until we got to Glasgow. When we finally got off the bus I tried to hand it to him and he told me to dump it somewhere as it was full of piss. So basically I babysat a bottle of piss for 2 hours and i will never live it down.

Give us your assessment on how this season has gone so far?

This season so far has been great, we are still in Europe, have a trophy already in the bag and still in 3 other competitions. We will never repeat the feats of last season but you know what? It won’t be repeated ever again, not just by Celtic but by any club.

Money isn’t an option, what 3 players would you sign for Celtic just now and why?

De Gea, Van Dijk (again) and Mbappe.

Finally, explain to us what Celtic means to you?

Celtic has become part of my life, it is one of the reasons I’m on Twitter. I have grown up following Celtic and hopefully my kids will too.

Mick that was brilliant. I think we’ve all seen that bottle of (cider) on a Supporters bus over the years. I unfortunately can recall smell of the Cider that used to run down the steps of the Jungle!

Tierney, Van Dijk and Larsson have been in everyone’s Favourite X1 so far. Let’s hope we see similar players of that kind of quality over the next few years in the Hoops. It astounds me how many people travel over from Ireland to watch Celtic and good on you all. It’s not cheap to do but that’s the just love we all share for Celtic. We get there by any means necessary.

Interview by Scotty Alcroft for The Celtic Star – This is how it feels…

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