Neil Lennon expected to leave Celtic in the next 24 hours

Things have been slightly better in recent weeks as Celtic went on a solid run of wins, but most of the performances were still unconvincing and it was a case of relying on the occasional moment of individual brilliance rather than a great team performance.

In many ways that has been the biggest issue for Celtic this season – It’s looked like Neil Lennon felt he could put his team out in a basic shape and the quality would shine through and win them every game.

Ultimately that didn’t happen and there have been so many different things that have gone wrong, but the buck has to stop with him and it’s easier to provoke a reaction by replacing the manager instead of the entire playing squad.

A lot of the fans have been calling for his head for weeks now as 10IAR has slipped away in an incredibly weak fashion, and it now looks like the loss to Ross County was the final straw:

It’s expected that John Kennedy will take over in the interim period but it’s not clear if this is an audition for him or if someone else has already been lined up, but it seems we should expect an official announcement in the next 24 hours.

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