Whataboutery aside, the irony in the Rangers statement is astounding

It’s not about whataboutery it’s about about the sheer ignorance and irony…

So theRangers put out a statement yesterday. One I happened to agree with for a change, and one most right minded individuals would agree with. Some sick individual from the away end yesterday dubbed an Ibrox seat with the number 66, obviously a sick reference at those Rangers supporters who sadly lost their lives in the Ibrox disaster in 1971.

It’s something that had a deep effect on our club as well as it was Celtic who were the opponents at Ibrox on that tragic day. It’s not whataboutery on my part, far from it, when I say I can’t but not help see the irony in the wording of theRangers statement.

“The mocking and celebration of such an event is outrageous, and has no place in any football stadium or society as a whole” was was how the latest Ibrox side used to condemn the moronic idiots responsible. Quite right too. Their statement is one hundred percent correct and every right minded individual will agree with them.

But the irony is that they refuse to condemn their own supporters for the exact same behaviour week in week out.

Whether it’s singing about being up to their knees of the blood of a certain religion, or rejoicing in the genocide of near on a million people. The Ibrox support itself indulges in mocking and celebrating tragic events on a regular basis.

Also it must be pointed out that the memory and good name of Scotland’s greatest ever manager Jock Stein is degraded at Ibrox regularly. Jock himself helped carry the dead off the park on that tragic day. Something that would have affected him greatly and his actions that day showed what a great man he was away from football.

It’s not point scoring, it’s the truth. A truth the Ibrox club are guilty of turning a blind eye too. They should practice what they preach and Scotland would be a better place if they starting doing just that.

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