David Potter’s Quiz – 20 Questions on Celtic 1920-1939

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Last Friday the first of David Potter’s quizzes appeared on The Celtic Star. Our quizmaster set 20 questions relating to Celtic in the 21st century. On Saturday it was quiz number 2 and our Celtic Historian presented you with another 20 questions, this time covering the period 1980-1999.

On Sunday David asked you another 20 questions, this time it covers the period 1960-1979 and yesterday he set another 20 questions for you, this time covering 1940-1959. Getting tougher folks? Not if you know your history!

If you missed these four quizzes don’t worry, we have included them with this article. Here’s how we are doing it. The format is as follows, we give you the questions for each quiz on a page and immediately follow that on the next page with the answers.

Below we’ll publish the questions from today’s quiz, followed by the answers on the next page and if you haven’t tried the earlier quizzes then they follow on in the same manner, questions first then the answers follow for Monday’s quiz (1940-1959) then Sunday’s (1960-1979), Saturday’s (1980-1999) and then ending up with Friday’s Quiz (21st Century Celts).

Many of you are using the quiz to ask friends and family so if you have friends or family who might fancy having a go, you can be the quizmaster yourself and ask the questions and give out the marks.

Not a bad thing to do with your dad, grandfather of other relative in these troubling and for many people lonely times.

So here goes for today’s quiz, remember the answers are available on the next page and the other two earlier quizzes each followed by the answers are also included within this article.

Turn to the next page to take Monday’s Quiz covering Celtic 1920-1939. Good luck!

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