Former Celtic star advised to ignore any chance of taking over from Neil Lennon and to stick to punditry

There’s no doubt that Celtic’s season is on the verge of becoming a disaster if they drop any more points in the league, but it’s also clear that the board have every intention of standing by Neil Lennon.

That hasn’t stopped daily reports looking at how could take over from him, but any links to Roy Keane taking the job must have been giving fans the fear.

He was an outstanding player and he’s actually quite likeable and entertaining as a pundit, but his character means that he’s not really cut out for management.

It’s often said that the best players can’t hack it as a manager because they simply can’t deal with players who aren’t as good as they were, so that’s probably true with Keane in some variation.

You can see in his punditry that he wants players who are utterly committed and devoted in the same way that he was, but the reality is that the majority of players in the modern era won’t be like that.

If he actually became Celtic manager you would just be waiting for the day to come where he completely lost it, so it’s re-assuring to see that he’s been advised to stick to the punditry.

A report from Football Fan Cast carried some quotes from Rob Lee about the possibility of Keane taking the job, and it’s clear that he doesn’t think it would go well:

“Roy Keane was a fantastic footballer but I think he’s good as a pundit, he’s a great pundit. Pundits these days are so limited to what they can say but I think Roy breaks that trend. I think he says exactly what he thinks.”

“He probably wants to be a manager but I think he should stay as a pundit.”

We’ve seen with Neil Lennon that having a somewhat tactically limited disciplinarian in charge isn’t what this current squad needs, so replacing him with an even more extreme version is unlikely to lead to success.

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