Scott Brown On Battles With Steven Naismith

Scott Brown was recently talking to fellow Scot and Norwich City star, Grant Hanley. The video call was set up by Dafabet, who sponsor both clubs.

The pair discussed all things football, from their experiences as teammates with the national side to their separate memories at club level. Steven Naismith, once a teammate of both and also an opposition player at many times for Brown, came up in conversation.

Broony has had many battles with Naismith over the years, with both landing in hot water for challenges on each other in recent seasons! The Celtic skipper said: “Even playing against Naisy (Naismith) now, I just laugh because I moan a lot right, but Naisy is non-stop. During training, during games, anything. He’d moan that black is white and white is black. The two of us are getting deeper and deeper so Naisy has gone from a striker to a no.10 so the two of us are somehow marking each other and it’s literally non-stop the whole game. It’s ‘I’m coming for you’ or he’s coming for me. To be fair, it’s good because you know after the game straight away you shake hands and offski, but for 90 minutes we kick hell out of other and moan at each other.”

Despite the battles, there is a mutual respect between the pair, who have been big players for Celtic & Hibernian and Rangers & Hearts, respectively! “We went and played in a golf competition together and the two of us were in the same team and all that so it’s good to have that competition,” Brown said.

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