This is Yatao – Celtic family gathered at the bar in Tokyo yesterday for Celtic Japan Tour

Celtic family gathered at the bar in Tokyo yesterday for Celtic Japan Tour…

On July 18, the day before the game of Celtic v Yokohama F Marinos, the first one of Celtic Japan Tour, Hobgoblin Roppongí, the bar located in Tokyo, has many Celtic family from all over the world. This is one of wonderful events in the place where pre-season match is held, so I will share some moments in the bar.

Nobu, the LIVE organiser of Tokyo CSC, greeted Celtic family and the live started.

The performance of Gary Jamieson, an artist from Perth CSC, was also wonderful.

And Tokyo Pipe Band also performed wonderfully and captivated Celtic family.

They are members of Tokyo Pipe Band who played in the bar yesterday.

Tokyo Pipe Band is bagpipe band centered on the performance by Great Highland Bagpipe, which was formed in 1974. Usually, they play with about 20 members, and they can organize various kinds of mini bands and solo bands with 2 to 5 drums added, and also can collaborate with Highland Dance and Organ.

At the beginning of formation of this band, Scottish, Australian, American and Japanese started practicing together, and bagpipe enthusiasts who learned about the existence of this group gradually gathered. Among them, there were many members who participated in the summer school organized by The College of Piping founded in Glasgow, and they continued to practice day and night and learned well from the basics. In 1986, Michael Green (96 WORLD PIPE BAND GRADE 2 CHAMPION) joined this band and directly mentored them, and this band have developed further. In 1989, they began to participate in overseas competitions and have won many awards in USA, Hong Kong, Jakarta, and France.
Vist the website –

And they have the concept of “bagpipe is one language”, and yesterday Celtic family with various roots was able to connect through their bagpipe performance at the bar located in Tokyo.

That’s all, let’s enjoy Celtic Japan Tour.


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