Today’s ‘Hoops Tax Woes’ story in Scottish Sun has nothing to do with Celtic

The photograph used in the headline is of an empty Celtic Park, the headline reads as follows, and please note that the colours used below, green for the first three words and black thereafter is the same as in the story which is on the Scottish Sun’s website today and presumably in their print edition, although to be clear we have no idea what appears in any of the mainstream media’s printed newspapers these days. It’s been many years since we last bought one.

Here’s the headline…and here is where you can see it for yourself if you want to give them the click.

HOOPS TAX WOES  Ex-Celtic boss avoided bankruptcy with 11th-hour payment to HMRC

Then they have a photograph of John Barnes, who managed Celtic for a few months over two decades ago. The article opens as follows:

FORMER Celtic manager and England footballer John Barnes has avoided bankruptcy with an 11th-hour payment to the taxman.

An HMRC official told an insolvency and companies court yesterday that the money the ex-midfielder owed had been paid in full.

The article goes on to report on Barnes’ tax issues and how it has been settled.  Did you notice how his short spell as Celtic Manager was deemed more important that being a top England International star and his time starring for Liverpool for many seasons doesn’t even merit a mention in this appallingly biased story.

How they can get away with HOOPS TAX WOES then go on to talk about bankruptcy then mention HMRC all in the one headline in incredible really. Of course we all know what is going on here, they are feeding off the hinger among the Rangers support, and probably fans at a few other clubs too, for any negative story that they can find regarding the all conquering Celtic who have won eleven of the last twelve titles and are looking forward to the Scottish Cup Final against Inverness Caley Thistle where a record breaking eighth treble can be secured.

Of course they don’t always get it wrong, take this front page from June 2012 for example.  Here’s their headline from their front page that day…

Day that the taxman finally buried Rangers…Rangers officially died yesterday – as the taxman refused to help save the 140-year-old Ibrox club from its crippling debts….

Celtic don’t have tax woes, so when the gullibles click through they will be disappointed. Their own Ibrox clubs know all about tax woes, bankruptcy and having problems with HMRC. Remember in June 2012, HMRC voted against a proposed CVA therefore meaning that Rangers Football Club was finished, heading for liquidation and it wasn’t even her then. HMRC pursued the liquidated club all the way to the Supreme Court in London to establish that the EBT Payments made for around a decide by David Murray were unlawful. 

So HOOPS TAX WOES would be a mightily enticing headline for the Rangers supporter would it not because deep down they know that their club died back in the summer of 2012.

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  1. Jim Kearney on

    Gutter press to the fore, totally anti Celtic been over 25 years since ive purchased any of them rags little wonder why.

  2. While the craven cowards on the PLC board remain silent, incidents such as this will continue to happen.

    Hail Hail.

  3. Rob O’Keeffe on

    Remember how that rag treated the Liverpool fans,nobody should ever give them a penny.Imagine telling someone you have a job with them,the lowest of the low.

  4. Eddie Hainan on

    Totally agree follow Liverpool fans example, call on all Celtic fans and families to boycott the Sun or better known Rangers View. They don’t report news they fabricate it hoops there main target.Personally not read that gutter press for many years.